7 Places To Creep On in WNY for #SpookySzn

I love lists. I have about 27 lists in every bag, on every counter, on my phone, and on the back of receipt paper that all have the same nonsense on it. So it’s not surprise that I made a list of our favorite #spookyszn events you guys NEED to check out! Tag us when you go to one of these places if you dare, boys and ghouls! Muhahahaha!

7. Haunted History Walks

Explore different neighborhoods with these walking tours where you learn history not only on the haunts but our region. Find out the secrets of your town!

Perfect for: solos, couples, groups, friends, kids 7+

6. Marjim Manor

I remember when this stunning mansion was bought and opened as a winery. My visits here have been fun and eerie all at once! Only a few miles from my childhood home, Marjim Manor is a fun stop for wine tasting and also to catch some tours and events which share details on what exactly happens at 3pm…

Perfect for: couples, friends, groups

5. Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride

Lockport has some hidden gems and this is (literally) one of them. Go underground and learn about local history and maybe keep your eyes peeled for some strange happenings…

Perfect for: solos, couples, friends, groups, ages 8+

4. Forest Lawn Cemetery

*respectful tours*

I put Forest Lawn on here not because it touts itself as ‘scary’. It’s a respectful and beautiful place filled with loved ones. It’s here because the historical tours they provide are memorable and eye-opening. Every tour I have taken here has had me surprised and telling others the stories of our famous Buffalo ‘residents’!

Perfect for: everyone

3. Iron Island Museum

A former church then funeral home, there are countless stories and evidence of sightings. Enter if you dare…think you can catch a sight of someone…?

Perfect for: thrill seekers, couples, groups

2. Van Horn Mansion Candlelight Tours

The Van Horn Mansion is a personal favorite of mine. Located in my hometown, the mansion has a curious history of death and attracting some eerie objects. When my Dad (Jack) was on the Newfane Historical Society Board when I was a kid, he was one of the leaders who brought forth fundraising and restoration to the mansion. I spent many hours roaming these rooms and if you ask me…I can tell you some stories…Now, they conduct candlelit tours which are full of historical details and secrets of the home.

Perfect for: everyone

1. Rolling Hills Asylum

Now this place gives me the shivers. An old poorhouse (asylum) with many…*ahem*…souls. I’ve done a couple visits here and you just FEEL something when wandering the grounds and building. Check for special events and tours and gather your pals- you’re gonna need to hold someone’s arm.

Perfect for: thrill-seekers, couples, friends, *check for age details