The Guide to Baby/Kid & Me Classes in WNY

While I was on maternity leave, I stopped by some Baby & Me classes. I was on the hunt specifically for taking Jack Fox since it got me out and moving a little bit and him to be exposed to all the movin’ and groovin’ his parents do. I was quite surprised how little classes were offered and how they are not steady on schedules. Women have babies all the time- it’s not an ebb and flow or a fad. I wonder who in WNY will make it a consistent class (or classes!) and really market it to new/not new moms/parents/guardians. If we don’t hear about it, we don’t know about it. Time to start talking about it just as much as any other workout class!

The thing with taking babies to classes is you can let all of that anxiety about someone barfing or pooping go. Everyone is dealing with the same things. Someone’s gonna cry, someone’s gonna be hungry and you have to leave for a few minutes. There is no reason to feel like you’re bothering someone, the instructor, or the owner- every person has been through it and is there to support you.

So many of you asked where these classes are so we gathered a list for you! If you’re a new mom or dad, on break, stay at home parent, whatever- check out these places and support their baby and kid classes! 

Baby/Kid & Me Classes

Jack Fox pumpin’ iron!

Rise Fitness: Wednesday’s 9:30am, Babies & Biceps (check MINDBODY app to see when these sessions are)

Dani-Fit: childcare during certain classes Core Restore for Diastasis Recti sessions- follow @corerestorebuffalo for details

Buff & Flo: Mommy & Me classes, Kids Yoga ages 2-4, Namaste and Play infant-18 months: NEW SESSION PRENATAL YOGA starts Monday 2/24/2020

Bikeorbar: pop-up Mommy & Me class with Stef Martinelli (check their schedule and Instagram to see when)

Rebel Ride (Instagram)

Rebel Ride: childcare during their 9-10am Wednesday class.

YMCA’s: childcare during your workouts

Parkside Yoga (Instagram)

Parkside Yoga: Pre/Postnatal Yoga, Baby/Little Bean & Me classes, Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, Mindful Mamas- Sacred Post Partum Support, Movement and Breath for Pregnancy and Labor, Yoga Beginnings for kids

Power Yoga Buffalo: Little Pretzels, Tweens Flow, Kids Flow

Budding Tree Yoga: prenatal classes, kids yoga

Love in Motion Yoga: prenatal classes

Lizzie’s Little Yogis (Instagram)

Lizzie’s Little Yogis: yoga classes for toddlers and kids

Rising Sun Yoga: no kid classes but has a specialty class here and there

Vitality Buffalo: ‘family friendly fitness’; a super inclusive studio where kids can join you plus they have special events just for them