Jack Fox’s Birth Story

It’s interesting how excited and nervous you are at the same time when you’re pregnant. Being pregnant with baby #2, I felt more empowered to be in labor and deliver another kiddo. Chloe was a long, tough delivery and I powered through- especially with the amazing staff at Sisters Hospital. So I was absolutely ready to head in during ‘go time’ and meet our future little guy.

How big is this guy?

In my third trimester, my blood sugar was a little high so I had to test my blood four times a day so my doctors at Buffalo OB/GYN could keep an eye on my levels and also determine if baby boy was going to be a little large because of it. We had talked about an induction at week 39 to be on the safe side. He was HEAVY in the last two months and was so low! On my second to last appointment, Dr. Williams (one of the four docs at the office) had enough concern about his size after an impromptu ultrasound that she called Sisters Hospital to see if they could schedule me for an induction…THAT NIGHT. What?! I am not packed! I have an eyelash appointment! I have a nail appointment! (lol!) At 3pm, I was to call Sisters and see if there was a bed available for me- sure enough, there was. So Beau and I loaded the car, took one final picture with Chloe as just the three of us, and headed to the hospital. Something about knowing the timing of beginning labor was comforting.


The Induction

After being admitted and physically checked, I was at a big zero for dilation but still had a soft cervix. (yay?) At 5:30pm, Cervidil was inserted to begin the process of labor. Now…I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I can breathe and mentally get through some hard things but this actually really hurt for me. The Cervidil had to be placed way high up internally in order to work correctly and I scared Beau with my reaction to the doctor setting it for me. This isn’t meant to scare anyone- just an honest experience for me- everyone is different! In 12 hours, I would be reassessed to see where things were at and to see what the next step would be- which was Pitocin to move labor along faster.

Around midnight, I started having heavier cramping and nurses continually checked mine and the baby’s monitors. I was 3cm dilated around this time but there was no need to get too excited. By 1am, contractions were getting stronger but still around 8-10 minutes apart. I was really starting to hurt but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I was getting uncomfortable being in the bed for long and was walking slowly any time I stood up. At 3am, I woke up from a short nap to the same *popping* feeling I had when my water broke with Chloe. I felt a gush and after I was checked I was at 5cm. By 5am, I asked if they would be taking the Cervidil out because contractions were so strong and I was ready to get to the next stage- whatever it was. I was also thinking of the epidural because my birth plan this round was to absolutely get one as soon as I could. At 6am, the Cervidil was removed and I made it known I wanted to get the epidural right away. I knew having it early on would help me relax and focus on the active labor. The Cervidil had worked for me and there was no need to have Pitocin or head home and wait- my body was doing what is was supposed to! I took deep breaths through contractions for the epidural and before I knew it, the pain was subsiding. *whew*


Go Time

I had hit 8cm and Dr. Williams was on staff. She was in and out of my room and so was the third set of my nurses who were incredible. All of the nurses since arrival had been there to help me get comfortable and were so kind helping me shift and maneuver my heavy, hurting body. At 10am, Dr. Williams announced that we would aim to have this baby by lunchtime and Beau joked that would be great since he was hungry. (!!!) Baby boy was being monitored closely since his heart rate would drop every time I would contract. It was enough for them to be a little concerned and wanting me to start pushing just to get him moving along. After he moved down a bit more, the doctor wanted to put a monitor on the baby because he had not stopped dipping with his heart rate. They put a teeny tiny hook on to his head and were able to monitor him a short while until my contractions were so close that Dr. Williams wanted me to push more frequently. The bottom of the beds at Sisters come off completely and once I heard that being removed, I knew it was ‘go time’. At 11:30am, I was pushing at each contraction and my two nurses, Dr. Williams, students, and residents were prepping everything in the room.


A quick scare

On one of my final pushes, there was uneasy commotion. Dr. Williams, the residents, and the nurses were swiftly reaching for things. I just assumed he was almost out but then I briefly saw Beau’s face. It was panicked but I could tell he was also trying to not show his emotions. Tears were welling in his eyes but he wasn’t saying anything. He kept giving me words of encouragement and trying so hard to keep me calm (which worked because I had no idea what the issue was). I was told to do big, long pushes so I did and tried to take deep breaths in between.


He’s Here!

Before I knew it, he was Earthside! Within seconds, we heard his first cries and he was placed on my chest for a few moments before the switch over to Beau for their skin to skin. As soon as he was on me, I looked at Beau and we both were tearing up– it was a mix of going through yet another amazing birth and finally seeing our second baby in person. A rush of emotions hit me- I was immediately a mom of two, I had a boy, and I had to recover all over again.


Mr. Handsome

We knew our little guy’s name years before he was born. He was to have my dad’s name: Jack. My dad is my best friend and has become a father to Beau. It was never anything else. While pregnant, we ended up choosing a middle name that we thought was cute and fun- something he would probably be called as he got older so there wasn’t any confusion in the house with two Jacks! So our baby boy was named Jack Fox. And to no surprise, I have nicknamed him Mr. Handsome because as his Mom- of course I think he is the cutest little guy ever!


Wrapping Up at Sisters Hospital

As with Chloe, our experience at Sisters Hospital was unbelievable. Every nurse was kind, happy, helpful, and genuine. I am personally so glad I began going to Buffalo OB/GYN in 2015 and therefore being linked to Sisters Hospital for my deliveries. There is a reason everyone talks about this place. It’s all about the care you receive and the people you encounter. Sisters is doing it right with their nursing staff. I cannot imagine my two birth stories not included the people I met while there.

Post-birth, two young nurses- Brittany and Lindsay- helped me shower, get re-dressed, helped me step in to my underwear, set my pillows, checked my pads…and I never felt like ‘another patient’ or a burden. I felt comfortable with them because they were cheerful and supportive people. Beau and I also loved that nurses who had been part of our delivery with Chloe in 2017 were there and remembered us and came to say hello. You feel like family when you are only there for a couple of days.

That same night, Beau told me what happened in those short minutes of panic during Jack Fox’s birth. As he was emerging, his cord was wrapped around his neck. Dr. Williams calmly and quickly maneuvered to cut it and had me push long and hard to get him out. Dr Williams and the nursing staff never flinched or showed facial expressions of concern. They stayed professional. Beau was terrified at what he could see and will never forget it. I cannot thank these individuals enough for remaining calm and focusing on both Jack Fox and I getting through it safely together.

Shout it from the rooftop

Just like our first birth experience, Beau and I both talk about Sisters to anyone who asks. We both have tales to tell from the dad and the mom perspective. As we shared on our Instagram stories, so many of you commented back to us about your incredible experience as well. Some of you even felt relief from knowing this since you were pregnant or hoping to become pregnant and trying to decide where to deliver. If we were able to help anyone feel confident and relieved, we hope we did so by sharing our real-life story of our short stays at Sisters Hospital. There is no other place we would trust to take care of us and our precious little newborns.


only hours after Jack was born

All professional photos by Moonshine Studio of Photography

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