The Parent Life: Date Night to Disney on Ice

Beau and I keep joking that ‘this officially makes us parents’ every time we do something kid-based. We secretly love it and the best part for us is watching Chloe’s reactions. Last night, we were able to experience Disney on Ice’s Celebrate Memories show at the KeyBank Center and once again- we got to watch our almost 3 year old light up with intrigue and excitement.

Disney on Ice is cute and especially fun for the littles who watch Mickey, Princesses, and Pixar films. With cued music and two Mickey Mouse Club girls as the show MC’s, the skaters were in full, glittery costumes and performed little scene segments from the movies including Moana, Toy Story, Tangled, and of course- Frozen. With lights, pyrotechnics, flying!, and little interactive games with the audience, the show goes by quickly and has one intermission.

all professional photos courtesy of Feld Entertainment and Disney on Ice

Chloe has been in to Disney films recently and watching her face as she saw characters and heard music from the films was priceless. She lit up when Mickey came out, clapped with Moana, waved to Dory and Nemo, and was very concerned when Elsa accidentally struck Anna with ice. *gasp!* She sat (or stood dancing) the whole time and was so focused on the ice dancing and stories. I even caught Beau trying not to tear up as he would watch Chloe’s reactions- there is just something so heartwarming to see a little one’s face as they experience something for the first time.

Disney on Ice Celebrate Memories runs 1/23-1/26 at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo and tickets are available online and at the Ticket Sales windows at KeyBank Center. (we noticed people buying tickets right before the show) There is one intermission and the whole event lasted a little under 2 hours. Bring cash for parking just in case you find yourself in a lot (we paid $10 for the lot by HSBC) and the concessions are open. It’s a little cool in there so dress the kiddos appropriately. The volume is not too bad- of course they know to keep it safe since kids attend- but maybe pack noise-cancelling muffs for babies.

We are so happy we took Chloe on a little family date where she saw all of the Disney characters she is starting to love. The magical world of Disney is what creates these moments with our children for lifetime memories. Oh, and that rite of passage for us parents!

Mommy, Chloe, Daddy- this is Chloe saying ‘cheeeeeeese’ during intermission because she was so excited!

A big thanks to Feld Entertainment for our family-pack tickets and sponsoring our giveaway of a 4-pack of tickets!

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