Thank You.

2020 is my year of ‘Thank You’. I used to send thank you cards all the time as a kid and young adult. As I get older, I find myself not doing it as much and I’m a little disappointed in myself. It’s a simple thing to do and by saying two little words whether it is snail mail, a text, an email, in person…right here in this blog post…it can mean a lot to someone and it is something they most likely will not forget that you did.

I think this ‘Thank You’ is sparking from something deeper. Something that festers inside as we plug away at Buffalovebirds- trying to grow, evolve, keep on top of all things social media, be better, and just juggle it all with life. It has not been easy or a quick road as an influencer in WNY. But that is a whole other novel I am not ready to write. Instead, I am reflecting on what has been done.

photo: Moonshine Studio of Photography


We want to say ‘Thank You’.

Thank you to all of the businesses (big and small) we have come to know, who have collaborated with us, and have opened their arms to our ideas. To the businesses we met from their beginnings to the ones who have been established for decades. To the ones who opened their minds to working with influencers and asked us questions as to ‘how does this even work?!’ so they may learn how to navigate it, too.

Thank you to the restaurants. We’ve had the honor of meeting chefs, owners, sommeliers, brewers, caterers, pastry chefs, pop-ups, food truckers, and servers where we get to see behind-the-scenes work that is reflected directly from their passion. For spoiling us and giving us your food love. No, we are not food critics and that is not our role- but we get to share the details on how to do a date night, what is kid friendly, why it is somewhere you should check out, and *gasp* where to park. (lol) We get to see the heart in each one of you.

Thank you to the fitness and wellness community. For the fun classes, hearing about your mission, what your personal journey has been, watching others transform and change their lives, and why you want to grow in the community. Thank you for inviting us to your special classes so we can not only get our sweat on but see your dedication in helping people achieve their goals.

Thank you to the retail shops (local and corporate). We have had the opportunity to do some fun events, try-ons, giveaways, and deals with so many brick and mortar specialty shops. We have loved being part of your vibe whether it is clothing, home decor, horticulture, or goods. Learning about the blood, sweat, and tears you put in to your shops leaves us speechless.

Thank you to the entrepreneurs. The ones who grew from ashes…who began local groups…who have that side hustle that turned in to a WNY haven of collaboration. We don’t know how you get it all done. Thank you for connecting with us and seeking ways to work together.

Thank you to (some) media. There are not many of you we have heard from. The social media world may not be understood yet. But the ones we have, thank you for seeing the work we do and listening to our story. You are the ones who can help us enlighten others who do not understand the hard work that is put in to this. It may look glamorous and easy, but it is all mental toughness to create and execute it. And we aren’t even at the level we want or could be. We just keep pushing forward.

Thank you to you: the audience. You guys are the real MVP’s. Some of you have been with us since the beginning which was 6-ish years ago. The more engaged you are with us, the more we can learn what WNY is hoping to see and learn and in turn that ultimately helps our community through knowledge of businesses, non profits, culturals, and more. You are our biggest sounding board and we keep going because of you and our region.


We’ve spent hours  (which probably add up to months, honestly) having conversations about why influencer work is beneficial, important, and ‘now’. We are humbled so many have turned to us to learn about it. We are honored we can share what we have learned through trial and error, hardcore experience, and overall evolution. Thank you to the influencers- all who live outside of WNY, except for two- that became our unofficial mentors and connected with us via DMs. Those who answered random questions and gave us encouragement. That shows true respect and the want for all to succeed on these visual platforms. You looked at this little Buffalo duo and took time to chat, even though we are much tinier than you.

We are proud we have been part of the small group here in Buffalo that is changing the game in the influencer world here in 716. There are not many of us that have been in the long haul locally. I want to pave the way for others and we have already observed that happening left and right. But it will never go without a thank you to all who have connected with us.

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