Getting Fitted For a Bra During Your Pregnancy: Blum’s Has Answers

If you have been watching me over on Instagram, you’re seeing a lot of maternity talk. Specifically? Bras. I had a horrible experience with comfort and fit during my first pregnancy, an ‘ok’ one in my second, and I am on a mission to find what really works in this third round.

After polling our followers, an overwhelming majority of you Mamas have had a negative experience with bras during your pregnancy. I want to change that. We’re already uncomfortable as it is during all of this so why wouldn’t we try and figure out as many ways as we can to BE comfortable?

photo: Moonshine Studio of Photography

A local shop that we are all familiar with has started catering to Mamas! Blum’s Swimwear & Intimate Apparel recently began carrying nursing bra options for expecting and new moms- something they did not have in store before. I was incredibly excited to see what they had, especially since I was ‘so over’ my struggle to feel comfortable. I stopped in for a visit to get a bra-fitting and to try on as many maternity/nursing friendly bras as I could. Meg from Moonshine Studio of Photography came with me to document!

Here were things I learned in the first five minutes of meeting with the girls:

  1. You do NOT need an appointment for a bra-fitting (pregnant or not!)
  2. They have so many inclusive sizes that you do not necessarily NEED a nursing bra. They just want you to feel comfortable and have something fit properly.
  3. They carry nursing bras that are pretty, too.
  4. Material for nursing bras has additional stretch to accommodate for breast fluctuation if you’re nursing.
  5. They also carry over-the-bump underwear for comfort! (my personal fave)
  6. You can change several times through pregnancy (I so totally knew that!) and you should consider getting sized every time you feel that your bra is not working for you (I used to ignore that…).

My fitting was easy and fast– They declared I was a 40F. At first, I panicked. I reverted to: ‘Oh my goodness, that is HUGE.’. But the experts reminded me: it’s not about the numbers or cup labeling. Cup size also assists with your band comfort and any spillage on the sides or front. And besides, do we really want to sacrifice comfort and looking good for a number? Who cares?! Throw those old thoughts out the window.

photo: Moonshine Studio of Photography

I was brought about 10 different bras, all of which were different down to wired, wireless, material, band width, clasp amount, and coverage. I also had a fitted t-shirt with me so I could see what my breast shape looked like while dressed. As I tried each on, I was able to determine what felt good, what I thought looked good with my t-shirt, and which would grow with me to the end of my pregnancy.

Three things I learned I should look for:

  1. The comfort of the band and where it sits on me. The bra should be comfortable on the tightest hook so you can have room to grow as your rib cage expands. The girls were also great at telling me which hook number to try based on the style and stretch.
  2. That extra wrinkle in the cup fabric? It’s for nursing. It has extra material for when your breastmilk fills in so you have enough room to grow before feeding.
  3. Your straps should not be pulled so tight as to leave red marks. This does NOT help with lift and separation. Somewhere halfway between your shoulder and elbow is most likely where your adjustment could land.
photo: Moonshine Studio of Photography

I liked trying wired and wireless and you should, too, just to see. I prefer both for different reasons: I like having my chest up and defined in certain tops or occasions. I just overall prefer to have the separation of boobs and belly. I love wireless because I can not feel constricted and can wear them at night. I wear wireless 24/7 for about 2 weeks post-delivery since I am a formula Mom and need my milk to dry out. Some bras I put on were a hard ‘no’ and others I set aside so I could keep. At no point was I ever so frustrated that I wanted to give up and leave. By the end of the whole event, I had several bras I felt good about and was so happy I took the time to get measured and try some on. I had been wearing a bra from Target that I went a size up in, thinking I would be fine. Truth be told, I was spilling out of it, I adjusted it all day long, and I was too irritated that this one of a couple options that I thought would work.

Going to a specialty bra shop has big benefits:

  1. Cuts and material are of quality and not skimped upon due to experienced brands.
  2. There is an array of sizes that go beyond your average big box store.
  3. You get personalized attention so you feel BETTER and not overwhelmed.
  4. photo: Moonshine Studio of Photography

I can honestly say…why did I not do this before?? Blum’s is pretty darn excited to have these new lines in store too so to kick off their new offering, they have dedicated the entire month to us mamas called ‘Maternity March’!

All through March, nursing bras are 20% off and their big event is happening March 15th. They are also hosting a diaper collection that goes to Every Bottom Covered in WNY (so bring some in if you would like!) and giving away an insane prize package. You can get details here on the Facebook event page:

UPDATE; MOMMY MINGLE IS POSTPONED due to COVID-19 safety. Follow Blum’s Facebook for the new date coming soon!

blums maternity march

I haven’t been this happy with my bra fit since my late 20s. My biggest advice to you, pregnant or not, is to get a fitting at Blum’s and test out some bras. You will be pleasantly surprised. As I grow in my pregnancy, I may need to visit once more ‘toward the end’ for another wireless option and I definitely will be going back post-delivery once my body has calmed down a bit so I can get re-fitted.

photo: Moonshine Studio of Photography

Just know, mamas, that there is an option in town that can ease your stress about this. Stop putting it off and JUST GO.

photo: Moonshine Studio of Photography


Blum’s Swimwear & Intimate Apparel

5727 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221

parking lot available

no appointment needed

*Huge thank you to Blum’s Manager Ashley and to Stephanie for making me comfortable and helping me find my fit. Another thank you to Meg at Moonshine Studio of Photography for being by my side and going through this journey with me. She is getting fitted soon, too!

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