Luc and Lyla: A WNY Shop That Brings Mamas Together

There’s a movement happening. It’s a tidal wave of mothers- new, future, hopeful ones….all who have found each on social media only to collaborate together to be STRONGER and ultimately support, love, and encourage one another as each person goes through their journey in motherhood.

In the Buffalo region, Sondra Vidal knew there was a void to be filled that brought mothers together in order to lean on one another and give one another the balance we all seek as moms. So began the idea behind Luc and Lyla- a curated store filled with beautiful clothing for babies and children but also as the hub for moms (and dads!) to connect.

I chatted with Sondra (owner) and Melissa Fogarty (sales/marketing) about Luc and Lyla to learn more about the movement they’re building here in WNY:

Sondra Vidal, owner (right), Melissa Fogarty, sales &marketing (left) of Luc and Lyla

L: Tell me more about Luc and Lyla! I have noticed your clothing pieces on your social media and have been curious about what you gals are creating. I am so excited to hear about your story!

S: Luc and Lyla (named after my [Sondra] children) was created as a resource for moms to not only to find high-quality, useful, meaningful, and endearing baby clothing, maternity/nursing-ware, and gifts. We were created to provide an outlet for other parents to support one another and to have open dialogue about the challenges and joys of the parenting experience. We host events to bring mothers and women together for meaningful discussions around each stage of pregnancy and parenthood.

Also, each piece of item we sell online and at our events has been hand-selected and sourced with planet-friendly, organic, quality, and purpose in mind. Most of our products have a “story” behind them and most of our suppliers give a portion of their sales to children in need.

L: It is so incredibly important to build a central place here in the Buffalo area where moms can go and connect. How did the idea of Luc and Lyla begin?

S: The idea behind Luc and Lyla began before Luc and Lyla were even born. Being foreign to parenthood, I was searching for a safe space to explore discussions around perinatal fitness, nutrition, overall wellness and support in WNY. I discovered that there wasn’t a centralized focus on these topics in any specific space and once my babies were born, I also noticed the lack of unique, high-quality children clothing in the Northtown’s where I live. I was determined to bring these elements together in an effort to celebrate parenthood, support women entrepreneurs through pop-up events, and provide unique/comfortable clothing with meaning and purpose behind each item. Being a support system is the core of who we are. We want to bring mothers/parents together to celebrate one another – take joy in our triumphs and tribulations… Talk about difficult topics and embrace one another in our journeys to be the best and to provide the best.

sustainable clothing is number one at Luc and Lyla

L: Luc and Lyla has launched as a clothing shop. With new outlooks on being parents, why was it important to have your shop launch as something that is committed to sustainability?

S: Quality material and sustainability is at the forefront of our focus because we only want what’s best for our little babes, as we know all parents do! The shame is that mainstream shopping outlets may not have that same focus. It’s important for us to support companies that are determined to provide quality but that also have altruistic motives. Our suppliers were hand selected based on their morals, ethics, and charitable actions. The quality of the products we provide is truly remarkable – 100% organic.

L: I am truly excited to check out your shop and attend your events! How are women able to shop Luc and Lyla and also learn about your events and pop-ups?

S: You can shop on our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the most up to date info on our pop up events.

Luc and Lyla

L: When we were chatting before, you mentioned your first event which is happening on November 8th at Jada Blitz. What is happening there??

S: We are so proud to host our very first pop up event at Jada Blitz Fitness where Missy and I both workout. The owners, Ashley and Justin Draper are like family to us and have been a wonderful support system for nutrition and fitness. Our focus at this event is on childhood nutrition and overall wellness. We will have Balanced Body snacks available (they have an amazing kids line) and a family yoga session for everyone to enjoy! We have a whole new athleisure line available for the babes that is super comfortable, soft, functional, and affordable.

Ok…athleisure for babies?! I’m there!

I cannot wait to see what Luc and Lyla is going to be and how Sondra and Missy are going to take the conversation of motherhood and parenthood in to the next level here in Buffalo. We all need that support and love- to know we are not alone…we are not failing…we are present and stronger than we know. And that is what Luc and Lyla will make sure we remember.

The Luc and Lyla Wellness Event at Jada Blitz is this Sunday November 8th between 9am and noon. Click here for the event details! See you there, mamas!

Sondra with her kids Luc and Lyla; Missy with her son Jackson

You can find Luc and Lyla online at: 



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