Halloween etiquette in the workplace: What’s fun and tasteful — and what’s not?

Embracing the spirit of Halloween in the workplace is something many American businesses do each year around this time.

Having festive decorations, wearing costumes and offering spooky baked treats or candy selections can be fun ways to celebrate Halloween. 

Yet the celebratory spirit of Halloween can shift all too quickly to one of unprofessionalism, etiquette experts cautioned in comments to Fox News Digital. 

Here’s how to keep your Halloween practices at work professional — and not regrettable.

Avoid costumes that are risqué or offensive

If your company permits costume wearing in the workplace, think carefully about you choice. 

“Steer clear of distasteful costumes that show too much skin, or are controversial, such as religious costumes, political figures or cultural stereotypes,” said Diane Gottsman, an etiquette expert and founder of The Protocol School of Texas in San Antonio, Texas.

Also, she said a prank costume isn’t funny at work. 

“Showing up to work as a sexy teacher or some other stereotypical and racy ‘adult’ figure may seem funny to you — but it will leave a lasting negative impression,” Gottsman said.

Err on the side of caution and professionalism

An office costume party should be looked upon as a company function, said Gottsman — and with that in mind, it’s better to err on the side of caution in both behavior and costume.

While it’s a fun idea to be a part of the office festivities, act professionally. 

“Making a fool of yourself is going to negatively affect your reputation far beyond the Halloween party,” Gottsman said. 

“It shows a lack of good judgment and self-control.”

Decorate with taste 

Adding a few Halloween-centric decorations to your workspace is acceptable as long as your company says it’s OK and these decorations don’t create a scary or gory scene. 

“Practice tastefulness above all else,” said Pamela Eyring, an etiquette expert and president of The Protocol School of Washington, who is based in Columbia, South Carolina. 

“Small spiders and spider webs are fun, and decorations with witches, broom sticks and ghosts work, too,” she said. 

“But avoid bloody visualization or vicious clowns — no one likes them. And stay away from bloody gore, etc.”

Offer treats thoughtfully

It’s absolutely fine to have a dish of candy to offer co-workers, said Eyring. 

However, “make sure each piece is individually wrapped,” she said.

“You don’t want a dozen hands coming in for the loose candy corn,” she added. 

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