Russia moves to totally ban LGBTQ+ movement

Russia’s Ministry of Justice filed a motion Friday to the Russian Supreme Court to ban the LGBTQ+ movement as an extremist organization.

“According to the administrative lawsuit filed by the Russian Ministry of Justice to recognize the international LGBTQ+ public movement as an extremist organization and ban its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, the court hearing is scheduled for November 30,” the ministry’s statement published Friday said, according to Russian state-owned media outlet Ria Novosti.

The Russian ministry accused the LGBTQ+ movement of showing “various signs and demonstrations of extremist orientation, including incitement to social and religious discord,” according to Ria Novosti.

It is not clear whether Russia is targeting a specific LGBTQ+ group, or whether any LGBTQ+ person could be targeted and classified as extremist, if the motion goes through the Supreme Court.

For years now, the Russian government has cracked down on LGBTQ+ rights — with Russian President Vladimir Putin allowing violence against the community to spike. In July, Russia prohibited trans people to become foster or adoptive parents, while making gender-affirming surgery illegal.

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