Taylor Swift hints Travis Kelce romance is serious with these subtle clues

Taylor Swift keeps giving fans subtle clues about the status of her relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce.

Some of the hints have been obvious, like Swift changing the lyrics of her hit song “Karma” to include a nod to Travis’ NFL team. But some have been more difficult to spot.

Fans are used to Swift routinely leaving clues for them in her music videos and on social media. One eagle-eyed fan realized the light-up bracelets flashed red and gold while Swift sang “End Game” during night two of The Eras Tour in Argentina.

“Just realized the bracelets changed from Blue to RED + GOLD (Chiefs colors) during End Game * with Travis present,” the user wrote over a video of the moment.

Fans have speculated Swift’s decision to sing “End Game” while Travis was visiting her in the South American country was a clue to where the two are in their fast-moving relationship.

The lyrics are sports-themed with Taylor singing, “I wanna be your endgame/I wanna be your first string/I wanna be your A-Team.”

The exact timeline of Swift and Travis’ relationship is unknown. The “Midnights” singer is known to be private and dates in secret. However, she made her first appearance with Travis at a Kansas City Chiefs game Sept. 24. The pop star enjoyed the game in a suite with Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce.

Swift continued to appear at Travis’ games throughout October before returning to her tour following a two-month break. The two were also spotted enjoying dinner together a handful of times in New York City.

Fans also speculated Swift was giving a hint about how serious her relationship with Travis is by choosing to sing “Labyrinth” on the first night of The Eras Tour in Argentina.

The lyrics of the song mention “falling in love again.”

“Uh oh, I’m falling in love/Oh no, I’m falling in love again/Oh, I’m falling in love/I thought the plane was going down/How’d you turn it right around.”

Before Swift went back on tour, she routinely wore Chiefs gear to the games, but one item stuck out to fans. While attending the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers Oct. 22, Swift was spotted wearing a friendship bracelet with Travis’ football number, 87.

Friendship bracelets have become a staple of Swift’s as a song off her latest album mentions them, and fans have taken to trading them at her concerts.

In October, the pair also arrived hand in hand at a “Saturday Night Live” after-party at Catch Steak New York, where the two-time Super Bowl champion exhibited chivalry, opening the door for the pop star and helping her exit their vehicle.

One photo in particular from that evening caused a frenzy on social media, with keen-eyed viewers saying that Swift’s lipstick looked smudged and Kelce’s lips had a red hue.

Swift “feels comfortable enough to present this relationship” because she sees it as an “end game,” celebrity matchmaker Alessandra Conti previously told Fox News Digital. “I think she thinks Travis is the one, and that’s why she’s being so public and open about it.”


Despite not having to hide her romantic feelings for Travis, there are drawbacks to Swift’s approach to this new relationship.

“If things don’t ultimately work out, then it does become a major issue,” Conti explained. “And, you know, people take sides, and a lot of public figures feel like they owe an explanation to their fans. Or maybe they stay in a relationship even if they’re not feeling fulfilled because they don’t want to let anyone down. So, there are a lot of cons to having a public relationship as well.”

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