Library book returned 45 years after its due date

Talk about checking out.

A woman in England recently returned a library book 45 years after she checked it out.

The patron brought the book — “Tolkien’s World” by Randel Helms — back to the Blackpool Libraries‘ branch, after borrowing it in 1976.

“Could this be our longest overdue book to be returned to the library,” the library posted on its Facebook page, alongside a photo of the book, opened up to the page full of dated check-out stamps.

The tardy patron told employees there that she frequented the library while working at a nearby Woolworth’s store in the 1970s.

“When Woollies closed, she brought them all back (or so she thought) but whilst doing some sorting recently, she found it hiding,” the library, which is located in Blackpool, 200 miles from London, explained.

The forgiving book-lender did not have her shell out what would have been a hefty late fee.

“Of course, we don’t fine customers for late books at Blackpool Libraries, even if it’s been decades,” the library added. 

“So please rest assured, if you’ve been avoiding us because you lost a book back in 1976, we’re not scary and you’re not in trouble, we promise.”

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