Adele Seemingly Confirms She’s Married

After months of speculation, it seems like Adele has finally confirmed she’s off the market.

At least, if Deuxmoi is to be believed.

On Monday, the gossip account posted an anonymous tip from a person who claimed to be at the same comedy show as the Grammy winner when she announced she tied the knot.

“I was at Alan Carr’s comedy show in L.A tonight, and Adele was in the audience,” the submission read. “Alan asked the crowd if anyone got married recently, and Adele shouted ‘I did.’”

Another audience member told Deuxmoi, “When he asked if anyone got married recently she yelled ‘I did.’ Super cute all around and was super sweet but dipped right before it ended.”

On Saturday, Carr made his U.S. standup debut at Dynasty Typewriter at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles. Adele and the former Alan Carr: Chatty Man host have had a well-documented friendship; the comedian even joined her onstage during her 2021 concert special An Audience With Adele. So it’s not totally unlikely that she would blurt out a personal announcement so casually at his show.

Regardless, rumors have been circulating for a while that Adele and her partner of two years, sports agent Rich Paul, got hitched. Back in September, the singer raised eyebrows after she referred to Paul as her husband during an interaction with an audience member at her Las Vegas residency show.

“You can’t marry me. I’m straight, my love, and my husband’s here tonight,” she told a female attendee. When the fan responded, “Can you try?” the songstress jokingly replied, “No, I don’t want to try. I’m with Rich. You’re crazy. Leave me alone.”

At the time, it was unclear whether the “husband” remark was a slip-up or just a term of endearment for her boyfriend. When Paul was asked about Adele’s comments on CBS Mornings in October, he confused (and even upset) the singer’s fans online, many of whom claimed he sounded disinterested in the musician.

“Let me say this, she’s been great,” The Klutch Sports Group CEO said. “I think she would agree that we’ve definitely helped each other. I’m in a good space. We’re in a good space.” Co-host Tony Dokoupil even jumped in and said he would give Paul “one more chance” to answer the question more assertively. But Paul neither confirmed nor denied their nuptials.

Now it seems like Paul and Adele maybe just weren’t on the same page when discussing the alleged marriage publicly. Maybe it’s all just a stunt. If the news is, in fact, true, the outspoken singer will most certainly tell us at her headline-generating Las Vegas residency soon.

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