Pick up one of these 5 quick-read romance books when you’re in the mood for a page-turning love story

With each genre, novels have different levels of intensity. 

For romance books, some will make you cry uncontrollably, others will make you laugh. Certain books are extremely complex, making you go back and re-read, thinking you must have missed a detail. 

The romance books in this roundup won’t take you an eternity to read.

They are rather light-hearted and quick reads that are hard to put down, so much so that you could finish in just a couple of days. 

These types of romance books tend to share similarities with each other in terms of plot and characters, but each is unique — which makes them popular among readers. 

Below are five romance books whose engaging love stories will keep you hooked. 

  1. “Beach Read,” Emily Henry
  2. “Maybe in Another Life,” Taylor Jenkins Reid
  3. “November 9,” Colleen Hoover
  4. “The Hating Game,” Sally Thorne
  5. “The Unhoneymooners,” Christina Lauren

1. “Beach Read,” Emily Henry

Emily Henry has written a bunch of romance books that are light-hearted and enjoyable. 

“Beach Read” is about two writers of very different genres. When the two wind up as neighbors for the summer, they challenge each other, while growing closer along the way. 

If you like “Beach Read,” there are several other Henry books written in a similar fashion that might be worth reading. “People We Meet on Vacation,” “Book Lovers” and Henry’s newest release, “Happy Place,” are all romance novels worth consideration.

2. “Maybe in Another Life,” Taylor Jenkins Reid

The way this book is written is unique and will keep readers hooked the whole way through. 

It’s all about choices, and how one choice alone can completely alter the course of your life. 

The main character of this book is Hannah Martin, who ends up bumping into her high school boyfriend, Ethan. After attending a bar with a bunch of old friends, including Ethan, she has to make a decision: stay out with him or leave with her friend Gabby. 

This simple decision ends up leading to wildly different scenarios. Luckily, in this book, you get to see how both situations play out. 

The book switches between storylines. One follows her as she stays out with Ethan, while the other uncovers what happened when she left. 

With this one book, you actually get two different stories. 

These varying storylines keep the book interesting, and keep you guessing until the last page. 

3. “November 9,” Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover has become an extremely popular romance writer in the past few years. 

Books of hers like “It Ends With Us” and “Verity” have received lots of hype. While these are great romance books, “November 9” is another great work of Hoover’s that doesn’t get quite as much attention. 

This book is a prime example of right place, wrong time. When Fallon bumps into aspiring writer Ben on her very last day in Los Angeles before a big move, the strangers spend just that one day together. 

Upon Fallon’s departure, the two agree to meet on the same day, Nov. 9 of course, in the same place each year. 

4. “The Hating Game,” Sally Thorne

“The Hating Game” by Sally Thorne is a story of two co-workers who simply despise each other, as the title of the book implies. 

Of course, since it’s a romance novel, it’s no secret that their hatred for each other doesn’t last forever.  

If you can’t get enough of this book, you can also give the movie a try. It was released in 2021 and stars Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell as the bickering co-workers. 

5. “The Unhoneymooners,” Christina Lauren

In “The Unhoneymooners,” Olive attends her twin sister Ami’s wedding, where everyone at the event is hit with food poisoning … Well, almost everyone. 

Luckily for Olive, she isn’t affected by the illness. 

Unluckily for Olive, the only other person who isn’t affected is the best man of the occasion, Ethan Thomas, a man Olive is not a fan of, of course.

With everyone falling ill, including the bride and the groom, the couple are unable to attend their honeymoon. 

So who better to take the trip than the two healthy people of the bunch — Olive and Ethan?

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