Dead Cells creators reveal their next game, Windblown

The studio behind Dead Cells announced its next project on Thursday, a new 3D isometric action game named Windblown. Developer Motion Twin describes it as “a lightning-fast combat roguelite” that players can take on solo or in teams of up to three in online cooperative multiplayer.

In motion, Windblown looks like a mix of Dead Cells’ tight character-action combat and the isometric roguelike action of Hades, but somehow even faster than Supergiant’s game. Windblown is bright, and like Dead Cells, it’s quite colorful, with stylized cel-shaded characters.

In Windblown, players take on the role of characters known as Leapers in a battle against the Vortex and its Sentinel minions. Leapers appear to be agile anthropomorphic warriors; an animated trailer shown at The Game Awards 2023 shows warrior lizards, axolotls, and bats armed with blades and shields battling mechanized monsters across a series of floating platforms. Aiding the Leapers in battle are what appear to be rocket thrusters attached to their backs; they move incredibly fast.

Windblown’s combat is said to be “tough but always fair,” with every run and every death being a lesson for players. Leapers, Motion Twin said in a news release, “absorb the memories of the fallen warriors who came before, learning how to master the fighting styles of their predecessors to unleash their full potential.” Adapting their fighting styles includes switching weapons and builds on the fly, and as players progress, they’ll collect stronger and more complex weapons.

Windblown will launch in 2024 on Windows PC via Steam Early Access.

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