Simu Liu stars as faction leader in Stormgate RTS

Frost Giant Studios revealed that actor Simu Liu will play a key role in the real-time strategy game Stormgate.

Revealed at The Game Awards, Liu (the star of Marvel’s Shang-Chi, Barbie, Kim’s Convenience), will play as Warz, a faction leader for the Infernal Host army. He appeared on stage at the awards event.

Liu, celebrated for his New York Times best-selling book We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story, also brings his seasoned experience as an RTS player to the game.

The game’s storyline, crafted with creative input from Chris Metzen, the visionary behind Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft and StarCraft universes, has set the stage for Liu’s portrayal of Warz, a leader of the invading force.

“When we heard that Stormgate was happening and that it was from so many of the same people who made the games that I loved growing up (and worshiped in a lot of ways), I got excited and wanted to see if I could be involved,” said Liu, in a statement. “What’s most exciting about Stormgate is that it was made by people who love RTS. This is a game that, in its DNA, is every bit the games that I loved growing up. I feel like it doesn’t get more authentic than that.”

Kickstarter campaign

Earlier this week, Frost Giant launched a Kickstarter campaign ( where supporters can receive digital Founder’s Packs that include campaign content, playable Heroes, and exclusive rewards such as beta access in 2024 and a limited-edition Frost Giant chicken in-game pet modeled after the studio mascot designed by Carbot Animations. Kickstarter will also give players an opportunity to secure a limited-edition physical Stormgate Collector’s Edition that includes a Vanguard Vulcan mech statue. The Kickstarter has surpassed 1 million views.

“When Simu visited Frost Giant headquarters to show us his RTS skills, his passion really struck a chord with us,” said Tim Morten, CEO at Frost Giant Studios, in a statement. “The excitement around Stormgate from longtime RTS players is why we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign. With community support, we can continue to expand the scope of our beta tests and fund a gorgeous Collector’s Edition of the game. We are also exploring other ways to get the game into players’ hands before we get to Early Access, so stay tuned.”

Stormgate, currently in closed beta testing since December 5, will arrive on early access on Steam by summer 2024. The early access phase will enable Frost Giant Studios to refine the game through player feedback.

Stormgate’s technological prowess lies in SnowPlay, Frost Giant’s custom-built technology, ensuring responsiveness and enabling gameplay with over a thousand units on a map. The addition of rollback technology, primarily utilized in fighting games and shooters, aims to minimize lag impact, enhancing the gaming experience.

Set in a science fantasy post-apocalyptic future Earth, Stormgate narrates the conflict between the Vanguard and the Infernal Host. The closed beta offers multiple modes, including 3P Co-op and Competitive 1v1, with future updates introducing Living Campaign, Custom Games, and a competitive 3v3 mode.

Stormgate enthusiasts can witness live showmatches at DreamHack Atlanta from December 15 to December 17.

Frost Giant Studios, founded in 2020 by Morten and Tim Campbell, is dedicated to delivering a compelling gaming experience.

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