Gina Carano reveals why she’s suing Disney with Elon Musk

Actress Gina Carano is teaming up with Elon Musk and X to sue Disney and Lucasfilm after they trashed her name and fired her from “The Mandalorian.”

Carano was fired after likening the treatment of American conservatives to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. The lawsuit alleges that she was fired for daring to voice her own opinions against an “online bully mob who demanded her compliance with their extreme progressive ideology.”

Carano reveals to Glenn Beck that the lawsuit came to be soon after she gave it up to God, when she received an email from a lawyer hired by Elon Musk to inquire about her case.

“I was just so excited, and I emailed him back immediately,” Carano tells Glenn, adding that “they were kind of dumbfounded about how this happened.”

While Carano’s co-star had tweeted a similar metaphor comparing conservatives to Nazis, the co-star faced no repercussions.

“You had to have gone, ‘Guys, wait a minute, hold it,’” Glenn says regarding her co-star, but Carano didn’t have the chance to say anything.

“They didn’t even contact me to let me know they were letting me go,” she says. “They didn’t contact me to let me know that there was about to be paparazzi, stalkers, and people flooding outside my house.”

“I found all of that out just like everybody else did, over the internet,” she continues. “I couldn’t leave my house for seven days. I was being stalked; I was being harassed.”

“They definitely put my life in danger at that moment,” she adds.

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