Jimmy Kimmel Sounds Off on Nikki Haley for Stealing ‘Mean Tweets’ Bit

Jimmy Kimmel has got a bone to pick with Nikki Haley. On Thursday morning, the wannabe president tweeted her own version of Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment.

The rip-off was so convincing that Kimmel only learned about it when someone texted him to ask whether he had invited Haley onto the show. The text “actually said, ‘Did you have Haley on the show,’” Kimmel recounted on Thursday. “It took me a while to figure out what Haley meant. Like Hailey, who, Duff? Haley Joel Osment? I didn’t know.”

After hopping online it only took a minute for Kimmel to discover why there was so much confusion. Because as he saw for himself, “Nikki Haley, who is running—for her life right now—co-opted one of our bits,” said a seemingly irritated Kimmel.

“She used our bit, our title, our logo, our graphics,” Kimmel continued. “She called it Nikki Haley Live. And, worst of all, she added the fakest fake laugh track maybe I’ve ever heard.”

Haley did her best to mock Donald Trump by reading one of his recent social media posts about her, but couldn’t quite stick the landing—which amused Kimmel, who joked that she was “a natural” in front of the camera. “The woman knows her way around a joke,” he added. “You have to give her that.”

Still, Kimmel was not happy about Haley’s decision to just blatantly rip off his well-known bit—and feels pretty certain that Haley wouldn’t appreciate a similar gesture. So he addressed her directly when he asked: “How would you like it if I launched a disastrous campaign for president?”

“This is why you lost Nevada to ‘None of the Above,’” Kimmel continued. “If you’re going to steal our bits, at least eat all of Eric Trump’s Halloween candy and see what kind of tantrum he throws.”

Ultimately, Kimmel opted to end the conversation on a more positive note by wishing Haley “a lot of luck” and noting that she will be hearing from his lawyer—“one Rudolph Giuliani.”

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