Leak claims next-gen iPhone SE gets Dynamic Island and a major redesign

It’s been almost two years since Apple released the latest iPhone SE. While a new model might take at least another year to be unveiled, this new leak suggests that this upcoming iPhone might be too good to be true, thanks to a radical redesign.

According to X user Majin Bu, who has a mixed track of leaks, the new iPhone SE would have the same 6.1-inch display and design as the iPhone XR, in addition to a Dynamic Island cutout. Analyzing their report, that would mean that this upcoming iPhone SE would feature its largest display to date, and it would likely ditch the Touch ID sensor for Face ID.

Although Apple could add Touch ID to the side button, as it does with the iPad Air and iPad mini, the Dynamic Island may indicate that Cupertino might be switching to Face ID, as the purpose of this cutout is to hide the company’s TrueDepth system. In addition, the Touch ID on the side button could infuriate iPhone users who have claimed this change for years.

Besides that, Majin Bu believes this iPhone would feature a single main camera, which would be the greatest differentiator between this device and the regular iPhone 16 models. Since the iPhone SE is usually the cheapest iPhone available on the lineup, this would mean average customers would get a pretty good iPhone for a low price.

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The current iPhone SE features the A15 Bionic chip. With that, Apple would, at least, add the A16 Bionic to this device. Since it might be released around the time the iPhone 16 would be already out, this iPhone could be equipped with one of these chips: A16 Bionic, A17 Pro, or a regular A18 processor.

An OLED display is actually expected for this phone, although it comes from a previous report. If this leak is accurate, the iPhone SE would be a very enticing upgrade, as the main changes for the regular iPhone 16 would be an additional camera, a slightly larger display, and a few software perks.

Since previous rumors said Apple would only release a new iPhone SE if the company could add its own 5G modem – and this is nowhere near happening – the future of this device is still uncertain.

Still, BGR will let you know once we learn more about it.

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