Brighten Valentine’s Day for sick kids in hospitals and those deserving extra love

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to spread joy and warmth to those who may need it the most. 

Read about thoughtful and creative ways to send Valentines to kids in hospitals, nursing home residents and people who could use a little extra love.

St. Jude suggests creating “encouraging notes” for its patients, emphasizing that cards can be sent throughout the entire year and not exclusively on Valentine’s Day.

Additional means of supporting the hospital during the holiday season involve contributing financial donations, organizing fundraising activities and raising awareness through social media, as outlined on the St. Jude’s website.

2. Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities is known for providing support to families with seriously ill or injured children by offering housing, meals and various programs and services. The charity works with hospitals to create a supportive environment for families during challenging times.

For Valentine’s Day, RMHC has created the Send Love 2024 Valentine’s Day Project. 

“Send Love 2024 is an opportunity for our community to reach out to our families by sending in personalized, encouraging Valentine’s Day cards. During the weeks leading up to Feb. 14 we will collect cards to hang in our three Ronald McDonald Family Room locations,” says the RMHC website.

It’s common for charitable organizations like RMHC to coordinate special events, distribute gifts or organize activities to brighten the day for children and their families.

This may include delivering Valentine’s Day cards, organizing themed parties or collaborating with volunteers to create a festive atmosphere in hospitals or RMHC facilities.

To learn more about the Send Love 2024 Project, visit

3. CS Mott Children’s Hospital

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan is providing patients with a unique, augmented reality experience to enhance their Valentine’s Day cards.

“Augmented reality is technology that adds digital experiences to the physical world and allows you to experience them at the same time. Pokémon Go is an example of augmented reality. Patients and families can use the free SpellBound app with their mobile devices to turn their Valentines into 3D, interactive experiences,” reads the CS Mott Children’s Hospital website. 

When you visit the hospital’s website, you have the option to select a prewritten message or craft your own. You can also choose from a variety of predesigned cards for this special occasion.

4. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Many children’s hospitals, including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), often organize events or campaigns around holidays like Valentine’s Day to bring joy to young patients.

The process involves visiting the hospital’s official website or a dedicated campaign page where you can find details on how to submit your Valentine’s Day card. You may have the option to choose from predesigned cards, write your own messages and include personalized notes.

When you send a Valentine’s Day card with a personalized message before Feb. 14, an unidentified donor has committed to contributing $1 to CHLA for each card, with a maximum pledge of $25,000.

To submit a Valentine’s Day card, simply go to

5. Love in Action Project

The Love in Action Project has initiated its yearly Valentine’s Day card campaign, with the goal of crafting and delivering 5,000 cards to residents in North Carolina nursing homes.

The organization pairs volunteers with specific nursing homes, enabling the direct delivery of cards to these facilities.

“Since the pandemic’s start, many older Americans have become more isolated, missing out on chances to connect with their communities and passions in life,” Wish of a Lifetime’s website states. 

“Through Cupid Crew, you can help them feel more connected and loved.”

7. Send cards or meals to frontline workers

Sending cards or meals to frontline workers on Valentine’s Day is a meaningful and thoughtful gesture that can have a positive impact.

Whether you opt for a heartfelt Valentine’s Day note, a homemade treat or a purchased meal, there are various avenues to share the festive spirit.

Ensure to verify any specific gifting guidelines with the organization to which you intend to express your Valentine’s Day appreciation.

By coming together as a community, we can turn Valentine’s Day into a celebration of universal love and kindness for everyone.

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