‘Huge’ Taylor Swift fan refuses to watch Super Bowl with boyfriend if others start ‘ranting’ against the star

A young woman who calls herself a “huge” Taylor Swift fan is refusing to join her boyfriend at his parents’ house on Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl — the biggest football game of the year, to put it mildly — because the boyfriend’s father can’t stand Swift and has been going on wild “rants” against the pop star, according to a social media post that’s prompted hundreds of people to chime in on the dispute.

The young woman said she’s “prepared to possibly upset some people” by sharing her story, according to her written post, but indicated she believes strongly in her point of view and wanted to know others’ perspectives on it.

She wrote that her boyfriend — they’re both 23, according to her post — have been together “since high school (about five years) and we live together,” the young woman wrote on the Reddit page known as “AITA” (“Am I the a–hole?”). 

She added that the couple “are very solid” and the standoff between them isn’t “a relationship-jeopardizing issue.”

However, wrote the woman, who goes by the username “throwRAfiba,” she “would simply just like to know” if she’s in the wrong for her opinion, she said.

“I love Taylor Swift,” the woman wrote.

“I’ve loved her for as long as I can remember, [ever] since she released her first album when I was like five,” said the woman. 

“Her music has been a part of my life for my whole life, and if you listen to her, you know that it can really resonate.”

She said she’s simply looking for some respect for the way she feels.

She added, “I can’t express enough — I am a huge fan. Everyone knows this about me.”

But her boyfriend’s father, she wrote, “has a tendency to be quite misogynistic.”

And “maybe,” the young woman also said, “what you could call ‘old school.’”

She said the father has been going off on long “tangents” about Taylor Swift’s connection to the Super Bowl this football season and her presence at playoff games. 

“It’s not just that she’s being shown” at games that’s bothering the father, wrote the young woman — “but that her music sucks, she sucks, she’s this, she’s that.”

The young woman said she’s simply looking for some respect for the way she feels.

“I feel like you don’t even have to like her or her music to respect that someone is a fan,” she said.

“And before anyone tells me to ‘just ignore it,’” she noted that the father’s angry “rants” about Swift potentially could go on for the entire game

The woman reported that her boyfriend asked her “today if I’d want to watch the Super Bowl at his parents’ house. Normally it would be an immediate yes,” she said — but she replied that she’d go only if the father kept quiet about Taylor Swift.

She said her boyfriend “agrees” the behavior is “overboard” but thinks she’s a fool “for making it a condition because that’s ‘just how he is.’”

Said the woman of her boyfriend’s father, “He can be pretty intimidating, so I’m not about to start conflict over Taylor Swift. I just simply won’t go.”

She asked others about her stance, “Am I being petty?”

Fox News Digital reached out to a New York-based psychologist for insights into the situation.

Meantime, one commenter wrote on the subreddit about the woman’s story, addressing the remarks directly to her, “Not sure why you’d want to subject yourself to a predictable 3-hour long session of comments you’ll find cringy and enraging — and there’s no way your [boyfriend] will defend you if it happens, given that he’s already minimizing his father’s actions.”

Added the commenter in this top “upvoted” comment, “So I’d take a pass if I were you.”

The writer also said the boyfriend would not be kind if he “guilted you into going.” 

Wrote another person in a popular comment, “Why waste time there. If anything, find a friend you can enjoy it with instead. Turn the [boyfriend] down, and let him know you’d rather have fun.”

Another responder took a completely different tack.

“Show up with snacks and say you’re here for the Taylor Swift Bowl.”

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