Nintendo Switch 2 reveal: All signs point to March

If you’re willing to put your faith in the internet’s foremost Nintendo leakers, you’ll be excited to learn that all signs point to March for the Switch 2 announcement. Evidence of a new Nintendo console launching at some point in 2024 has been stacking up for months, but now the rumors are starting to circle one specific month for the unveiling.

In a new episode of the Game & Talk podcast, prominent leaker NateDrake (aka Nate the Hate) indicated that “the Switch 2 appears to be poised and ready for a reveal or an announcement in March.” He said the same on his own podcast earlier this week.

He added: “Everything I’m hearing dating back to Gamescom last year has indicated something is happening in March. That talk has resurfaced in the last few weeks, and it’s indicating that the Switch 2 is set for a reveal or an announcement in March.”

The rumor was then corroborated by Universo Nintendo editor-in-chief Felipe Lima, who said on the ResetEra forums that “team March will win after all,” referring to the Nintendo fans who were speculating (or hoping) that the Switch 2 would be revealed in March.

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A short time later, Lima published an article about the rumor, adding additional context:

Aiming to solidify this statement, I contacted our sources who corroborated the report made by NateDrake about March, adding that multiple development companies/publishing partners of Nintendo are preparing to announce their projects, and that several retail stores are moving to prepare the start of pre-sales of the system. (via Google Translate)

It’s worth remembering that Nintendo has yet to actually announce anything. The company has referenced its plans for a future console in very general terms but hasn’t announced any details about the next console, much less a name or release date. Furthermore, even if Nintendo does plan to reveal the Switch’s successor in March, plans can change.

With that said, we aren’t just pinning our hopes on the words of pseudonymous leakers. Just last month, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo is seemingly looking to build 10 million next-gen game consoles this year, based on display shipment data:

March is just a few weeks away, so if Nintendo is going to unveil the Switch 2, the Super Switch, or whatever it ends up being called, we don’t have long to wait.

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