‘The Dreadful’ Reunites ‘Game Of Thrones’ Sophie Turner & Kit Harington

After conquering Westeros, Sophie Turner and Kit Harington are joining forces once again for a new movie together. And yes, The Dreadful sounds like it will be just as harrowing as its name suggests. But harrowing is something that Turner and Harington have more than proven they can do very well after their eight years on Game of Thrones. Here’s how their new roles might be somewhat similar to Sansa and Jon… with a key difference.

On Feb. 9, it was announced that Turner and Harington will topline the new gothic horror film The Dreadful. The movie is set in 15th century England, during the War of the Roses. That was a civil war in which rival English factions fought for control of the throne. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s basically a less dragon-infested version of Game of Thrones, although the movie’s exact plot is still pretty shrouded in mystery.

Turner will star as Anne, a woman who lives an isolated and rustic life with her mother-in-law on the outskirts of society. Harington will play a man from Anne’s past who shakes up her mundane existence when he returns to her. Though it has yet to be confirmed, it sounds like Turner and Harington will be playing exes rather than siblings this time around. (OK, yes; Sansa and Jon weren’t technically siblings, I know.)

There’s no release date for The Dreadful yet.

The movie will mark the first time Turner and Harington have worked together since Game of Thrones ended in 2019. Since then, both actors have had their superhero moments (Turner in Dark Phoenix and Harington in Eternals) along with helming other buzzy projects, like Turner’s Netflix comedy Do Revenge and Harington’s horror turn in Baby Ruby.

A lot has changed in their personal lives since Game of Thrones as well. Harington married his GoT co-star Rose Leslie in 2018, and the couple has had two children in recent years. As for Turner, she also got married and had two kids, but in 2023 she and her ex-husband Joe Jonas announced their divorce. Since the split, Turner is rumored to have begun dating British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson.

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