Your Favorite Old School Treat Is the New Gameday Dessert

Football season. Time to pack the house with friends, family, and all the must-have game day treats. Don’t we all have that one thing that HAS to be part of the spread? *raises hand*

We shook it up a bit for the game on Sunday and went old school: ice cream cake made an appearance. Yes, that fudge-y crumble crunchie layer with vanilla and chocolate ice cream ended our weekend and we could not have been more pumped. Even better? We found a Carvel® Football Ice Cream Cake from I Love Ice Cream Cakes (yes- as in your childhood birthday party brand). We found it in the grocery store so we spent no time putting it together.

Shocked there was a gameday cake, there was no way we could pass up having this for everyone at the end of the 4th quarter. It was quite the conversation starter among our friends…’I can’t even remember the last time I had ice cream cake…’  to ‘Oh man, you know the party is good if it ends in this.’ Right?! We’re bringing back this classic favorite.

No one was happier more than baby Chloe. You’re hooked now, kid. We had to eat ours fast so she would stop pointing for more! Obviously, the cake was a big win and we’ve accepted that now we will definitely need it for future games this season. Easy to get at the store…easy to please the whole room.

It’s two things that bring it all together: football and ice cream. Here in Buffalo, Sunday is for everyone- don’t we all plan for the day to hold parties, invite anyone over who wants to come, and watch the games in anticipation every single week?

This happened to be on a gameday we won. Snacks and burgers had been flowing all afternoon with people in and out of the house stopping by to say ‘hi’ and others hanging out to see if we (Bills) were going to make it. At the end of the 4th quarter, the Game Day Ball made an appearance to settle on the counter. At the end of the celebratory win, the surprise-of-the-day dessert was served. The best part was Chloe having some for the very first time. It made us reminisce of our childhood and how anything fun involved ice cream cake. Now, we could cheer on our football team with some and watch her eyes light up.

If you’re not sure where to find a Carvel Ice Cream Cake, use the store location finder on their site. It made it easy for us to find it at our local TOPS near the freezer aisle. Get a $5 off coupon for your ice cream cake by signing up for the Crunchie Club. You can add in several birthdates too so you can get more dollars off each celebration! There isn’t anything better than spending Sundays with your favorite people, so why not step your gameday dessert up and surprise them with ice cream cake? We can’t think of anything more delicious.

11 Unique Things To Do in Buffalo with Out-of-Town Guests

It’s fun getting visitors in Buffalo. We are always pretty dang pumped to show people around and give them ideas for things to do, places to eat, and where to stay so they will have the ultimate WNY experience. 

Besides the usual suspect stops in and around town, here is a list of our fav 11 unique things to do when you have fam and friends in town:

Shark Girl Selfie / Canalside

You’ll learn fast that Buffalo is getting bigger and bigger on public art (thanks to many initiatives of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery). One such famous public resident is Shark Girl, located at Canalside near the upcoming Explore & More Children’s Museum. Getting a selfie with this girl is a must! Who is Shark Girl??

Forest Lawn Trolley

We have famous dead people. Presidents, musicians, artists, pioneers…look up the tour schedule and book one through the cemetery. It’s manicured landscape adds to the awe of who you see in there and you’ll be surprised by the history you’ll learn. Book a Forest Lawn Tour

Hatchets + Hops

photo: Megan Ann Photography

Axes and beer. Guaranteed your friends and family haven’t done anything like this before! Throw some axes and see if you can bullseye it. Hang out at Misuta Chows after (nearby). Yep, sign me up!

McKinley Assassination Site

A small piece of history is over on Fordham Dr. where McKinley was shot in 1901 at the PanAm Expo. An underdog spot to visit where you feel like you’re back in time. Take me there!

Mural tour (on your own)

Us, Niagara Falls, NY

Murals pop up all over the city every couple of months. We’re are becoming a destination to see these, so why not map out some sites you want to see and get some great pics? Use Nickel City Pretty as a good reference point on where to find some.

The real wings at Nine-Eleven Tavern and Bar Bill

wings at Bar Bill

Take it from a local: we know where the best wings are. Take the off-beaten path and take a ride to East Aurora for Bar Bill wings (and beef on weck!) and the South Buffalo underdog Nine-Eleven Tavern.

Explore Buffalo Tours

Historic Shea’s in downtown Buffalo

Nothing better than hearing the history from the best. Check out their site to see what kind of tours they have going on. Architecture…food…crime history…something for everyone. Explore Buffalo

West Side Bazaar

An expo of some of our best international dishes in Buffalo. Get a little bit of everything including Thai, Indian, and Ethiopian. It doesn’t get more authentic than here. You’ll find beautiful artisan work here, too. Take me to the West side

Pedal Tours

pic from Buffalo Pedal Tours Instagram

A couple years ago, Buffalo got a few pedal tours under its belt for bar crawls, food tours, and city views. From Buffalo Pedal Tours to the Consumer Craft, the Tiki Tour to CycleBoats…ya gotta really work it to get there!

Niagara Wine Trail

Rent a small bus and take the wine trail experience. Great way to see Niagara County, taste some wine, eat some chocolate, and hang out in the vineyards. A fun event for guests to take home some wine! Follow the trail…

Riverworks: Zipline/Rock Climb/Kayak/Roller Girls

Riverworks has something for everyone. Adventure, food and drink, views, and if you check the schedule…some badass chicks on wheels. You can definitely make a solid day of hanging out there. Everything at Riverworks

Eckl’s Family Date Night

We feel like bad Buffalonians! We had never been to Eckl’s and we were reminded to check it out when we finished devouring our Beef on Weck at their Taste of Orchard Park tent. Known as one of the top places in WNY to get the beef, we also discovered that they are LITERALLY right down the road from where we live. How have we been so clueless?!

there is another side to the menu, too!
Ok, so we went and we’re not on the naughty list anymore.

It was a family affair- meaning Chloe was included. The munchkin is such a piece of cake (knock on wood) that she has been bellying up to restaurants with us recently. Baby-friendly ones of course. **a list of those places will come soon!**

BabyLovebird, Chloe
The hidden gem is legitimately hidden….on Ellicott Rd. in Orchard Park, off of Route 277. It’s inside one of the oldest homes in OP- 201 years old!- and has that homey feel once you step inside. Many tables, wood panel walls, sectioned rooms, and a bar where everybody knows your name. (we bet you’re singing the ‘Cheers’ theme song now) The restaurant has occupied the building since the early 1900s and officially became Eckl’s in 1934. They’re known for their top-of-the-line Certified Black Angus top round Beef on Weck.

Everyone waiting on us was extremely friendly and cheerful, which always makes or breaks a meal. As usual, we tried numerous plates….then came the beef.

beef on weck
The cool thing about the beef is that it’s cut thicker and has very little, if any, fat on it. We can understand why they’re known for this. We’ll be back.


Eckl’s 4936 Ellicott Rd. Orchard Park, NY 14127 // 716.662.2262 

reservations for over 6 people Sun.-Thurs. // no reservations Fri. or Sat.

family friendly / fun date / kid approved / comfort food

relish tray…old school!

we are kinda obsessed with beef on weck egg rolls that keep popping up around town

bacon-wrapped scallops

potato pancakes

Daddy Beau & Chloe O.


Fun Date: Ya Gotta Go Get Cookie Dough

kaylena’s got mad dough // pic: kaylena’s insta

Raise your hand if you have risked your life spooning out large amounts of raw cookie dough and scarfing it down like there’s no tomorrow before you even have baked your cookies. 

Ha. That’s a lot of hands.

Guess what? There are now TWO edible cookie dough spots in Buffalo where you can get your sugar rush: Kaylena Marie’s Bakery and Dough Boyz.

Kaylena’s is located in Orchard Park and this young entrepreneur has started filling waffle cones up with dough like M&M’s and Funfetti. It’s definitely like that cookie batch you’re about to make- doughy, sugary, filled with the goods. You can  share this since it is so rich. Or not…

kaylena marie’s m&m cookie dough

Dough Boyz just opened in Cheektowaga at the Walden Galleria Mall near Jack Astor’s. A local guy in Depew started this up and plans on expanding locally and in other large NY malls. You don’t have to share this cup of dough. It’s a little lighter and you can mix scoops (depending on the size). Like S’Mores or Red Velvet. Nom nom nom.

dough boyz s’mores on bottom, americano on top

So if you need a little dessert date or somewhere to go after dinner- now you know where to get your edible cookie dough. You’re welcome. 

*The Cookie Dough Cafe sells their cute little dough containers at Tops and Orchard Fresh, too! pick up a late night treat.

Perfect for: day or night, dessert date, in moderation with kids, after a breakup, when you wanna treat yo’self.

kaylena’s // pic: step out buffalo
kaylena’s // pic: step out buffalo
dough boyz inside the galleria

the goods at dough boyz
dough boyz