Staycation: Rooftop Fireworks

Rooftop fireworks. Martinis. 24/7 kitchen. Modern. Views.

There’s a new staycation in town and it may not be where you would first think of one. It’s the Hyatt Place in Niagara Falls, NY and it’s perfectly located within steps of the Seneca Casino, Old Falls St., and the Canadian border.

We packed up for an overnight stay, dropped Chloe off with the grandparents, and rushed on up to the new Hyatt. Already impressed with its location, we were surprised again once we stepped inside and noticed the modern décor: large sphere lights, wood panel walls, a hand-drawn map of downtown Niagara Falls, and wood with metal detail tables that made us wonder if we could sneak one in to the car and take it home.

Greeted by smiling people, we found our room filled with a charcuterie board, fruits, chocolate-covered strawberries, and Prosecco. (Ooo, who are we right now?!) Our room overlooked the mist of the Falls and peered in to Canada. It made us reminisce of our old Clifton Hill days (amiright?!). We spent time at the bar downstairs, noshing on tacos, sliders, and cheesecake while having a breather to finally just be together again. That’s the point of a staycation for two, after all.

Every Saturday they have live music up on their rooftop that overlooks Niagara Falls State Park. Being a little rainy, it was moved to the lower level where people gathered to just chill and enjoy the music. 90s tunes while we had some drinks? Living our best live in our thirties. At 9:45pm, we went up to the rooftop to get cozy for the fireworks. Each Friday and Saturday night, fireworks roar over the Falls and the Hyatt rooftop is the perfect location to watch! The fire lit up the sky and with the city lights as the backdrop and a wave of new appreciation for this part of WNY rushed over us. Low-key, modern, fun…this was everything the Hyatt was bringing to this night.

We took advantage of the location and stopped by the Casino where we ran in to people we knew, had some drinks, danced in the aisles, downed some coffee, and basically broke even on what we spent at Blackjack. Beau is decent at it and I am like a little old lady hitting up the old-school penny slots. Heading back to the Hyatt, we were once again greeted by smiling faces who asked if we were hungry and if there was anything they could get us. Heck ya! A quesadilla and flatbread were ready in under 20 minutes and we relaxed back in our room, this time enjoying the lights across the way.

There we were, 1:30am and way past our bedtime. Parents night out. Oh, it’s a real thing and we thought our friends made it up. Nope. Somewhere between Planet of the Apes, chugging water, and the last flatbread- we fell asleep and slept in until 8am. Oh em gee, 8 fricken in the morning. Is that as late as our bodies would let us? We’ll take it.

Breakfast was light and fresh- French toast, greek yogurt and granola bar, eggs, juice, coffee…the hotel was bumpin’ and we were glad to see it filled with all types of people visiting the area. We got in a workout at the on-site gym and went for swim at the pool which made for a nice morning.

As we packed up, we said goodbye to the GM Stacey at the Hyatt who was so glad to hear our stay was above and beyond our expectations. The service we encountered was wonderful and the view from the roof was what changed our thoughts on having Niagara Falls as a staycation. While we missed Chloe, it was so awesome getting away together for a night and pretending we were boyfriend and girlfriend again. We all need that…us married folk, that is. Think outside the box…go somewhere you normally wouldn’t…uncover new adventures…eat a quesadilla in bed at 2am…reminisce…watch the fireworks from the rooftop. See what happens.

Hyatt Place Niagara Falls // 310 Rainbow Blvd. S Niagara Falls, NY 14303

716.285.5000 // Facebook page // Instagram

Location: minutes to the Seneca Casino, around the corned from Old Falls St., walking distance to Niagara Falls State Park, right at the Canadian border

Breakfast included, contemporary rooms, rooftop

Perfect for: staycations, telling your family and friends where to stay while visiting the falls, event space

Where to Find the Flowers: Our WNY Guide to Nurseries & Greenhouses

Fun fact: I grew up on a horticultural farm. My grandfather, parents, Aunt Jillie, siblings, and Great Aunt grew chrysanthemums by the 1,000s in Wrights Corners, NY for years. The tens of acres at my grandparents’ house was magical, beautiful, and hard work. Besides the mums, we also grew vegetables and sunflowers and my Grandpa took much of his garden to the local Farmer’s Market in Lockport every week. My brother studied landscape architecture and my mother is a retired art teacher. So naturally, this whole gardening thing is of interest to me and I am diving in to everything that has to do with the outside of the house.Beau is, too.

My parent’s home in Newfane, NY was meticulously landscaped and they spent every hour they could once the weather broke until the snow fell outside working on their flower beds. It was so stunning that people would drive down our road very slowly to check out the land and ask my Dad questions about what things were. (lol!) I spent ALOT of time in nurseries and greenhouses as a kid and have started to visit many of them now as an adult and getting my own things.

We have some stunning places in WNY and each nursery and greenhouse has a certain personality. Some are fierce flower joints, others focus on shrubs. Some have hearty plants and several are uniquely their own. This list is our personal guide to places we love that you should definitely be hittin’ up this Spring:

Our Top Greenhouses and Nurseries:

Russell’s Tree & Shrub Farm: The best place for trees, bushes, grasses, and shrubs. You can find small to large sizes for your budget and talk about delivery to your place. Transit Rd., East Amherst

Hi-Way Garden Center: A well-maintained and beautiful greenhouse filled with hearty and colorful perennials and annuals. We love getting our coleus, hens and chicks, and vegetables here. (yes, like the veggies you can grow yourself) Tonawanda Creek Rd., Amherst

Lockwood’s: A new discovery for us now that are Southtowners! This place has some stunning houseplants, beautiful spikes, and really hard-to-find annuals. Clark St., Hamburg

Seasonal Nursery: The place to look in to for landscaping design ideas and beautiful hanging baskets. We like to get spikes, sweet potato vines, and impatients here. Bullis Rd., Elma

Angle Acres Greenhouse: Here’s your hidden gem, guys. Angle Acres has 4 greenhouses filled with houseplants and unique varying sizes of succulents. Best place for a photo shoot. ***CASH ONLY. If you forget it’s okay- there is a gas station nearby with an ATM. Angle Rd., Orchard Park

Our original go-to spots also in Niagara County:

Zehr’s, West Lake Rd., Burt

La Roses, Ridge Rd, Lockport

Heimiller Greenhouses, Ewings Rd., Newfane


Spoth’s, Transit Rd., East Amherst

Badding Brothers, Transit Rd., Amherst

Adam’s Nursery, Genesee St., Lancaster

The Local Bloggers You May Be Missing Out On

Influencers. Bloggers. Storytellers.

The cool thing about our lives right now is that we can share our stories on different social media platforms. Media that speaks to us. Some of us are writing it (yea, we wish we had more time to write), some are visual documentarians (yea, we wish we had better camera skills), and some are mixing both into their platforms to share their lives and experiences (we like to think we’re in that realm).

A few are focused on straight up Buffalo and others have a more broad scope that appeals to the world (will we ever get there?). We’re sharing a short list of those who live among us here in the 716, but may be missing out on since they aren’t necessary screaming ‘Buffalo’ in your face. But they’re sending out gorgeous shots, fun stories, and cool vibes. (*all pics from handles)


Ok, envy! This girl hails from our home county of Niagara and her shots have us in love. Follow her for stunning coffee pics, perfectly placed throws and flowers, destroyed denim, and cute baby shots.


A mix of some blog posts and mainly shots on Insta, this mama has some adorable life stills that document her moments as a photographer and mother.


I mean, her name says it all. Beer. It’s like you step in to a magazine of editorial beer shots on every post. She’s showing you some great international hops along with beautifying the pour itself.


Brandi mixes Insta shots with YouTube videos filled with a makeup lover’s dream. I don’t think there is a lipstick color that looks bad on her…


I actually met Kristina when I was 16- seems like yesterday. A blogger turned social storyteller, follow her for fam life, punny real AF shirts, and inspo on getting off your a** in order to get healthy with her workout coaching.


Stunning plus model Caralyn shares her Buffalo and NYC life via how-tos, stories, and fashion shots. This girl works it and makes us feel beautiful too.


Rachel is a fashion blogger mama who channels through her site and Instagram. Follow her for all of the things we think silently in our heads as we try not to fall asleep at 8pm while attempting to Netflix & chill.


Total photog-inspo. Ryan captures moods through his shots and creates a semi-dreamlike sensation. Follow him for the art of the eye and to see some local familiar faces.


Our go-to pizza guide on Insta. We literally click on pics of pizza that look scrumdiddlyumptious and order it. This is gonna help you on lazy nights where you don’t know where to order.


I pretty much hint beg Beau for one of these rings one day (for a right hand ring). Follow for custom engagement ring ideas and drooling all over your screen. A local handcrafted jeweler designing unique and stunning sparkly things.

Did you know we have some of these incredible Instagrammers? Make sure to follow them! You’re missing out if you don’t.

Champagne & Confetti: Meet Jill of All Trades

There is some badass hidden talent that sprinkles Buffalo nowadays. We get a glimpse of it at festivals, craft fairs, and pop-up shops…but we also have some cool people blowing it up on Etsy and Instagram- cause let’s face it, Insta has become our new omg-I-gotta-get-what-that-blogger-posted place to scroll.

One such hidden gem in our city is Jill of All Trades– an online blog and shop filled with style inspo, fun graphic-wear, and unique gift boxes to send out to WNYers. We had to talk to Jill and get the scoop on her!


Jill of All Trades herself!
Hi, Jill! Tell us a little bit about you:


Name: Jill DiGioia – Jill of All Trades

Currently living in: Downtown Buffalo – Hi! I’m new here!

Day job: This is it! I am a T-shirt Maker, Gift Box Curator, Baker, New Blogger, and I also do some Social Media Management on the side!



Being new to the area, we have to ask- what is your favorite place in Buffalo?: Canalside! There is always something going on there. Concerts, movies, workouts, festivals, Artisan Markets, and my favorite- water activities!
How did you first begin Jill Of All Trades and when?: I have many passions in life which has lead me to be a “Jill of all trades”. I’ve always had trouble narrowing it down to focus on one main trade, so about two years ago I thought why can’t I do them all? This lead to the name and now the new blog!
Gift boxes- I have always enjoyed putting together thoughtful gifts and really going outside the box to find something different for every occasion. A couple years ago, I was a Concierge in Las Vegas and received many requests for unique, personalized gifts. So I began customizing gifts for the guests and now to everyone!
T-shirts- I am a big believer in spreading kindness and good vibes. Two years ago I tried to find a shirt to promote this and at the time there was not much out there. So my husband and I designed a “BE KIND” shirt and learned how to screen print to make our own. To this day, the “BE KIND” shirt is my biggest seller in the shop and I couldn’t be happier!


custom order gift box

It looks like Florida is your original home- what brought you to Buffalo?: While living in Vegas, I met my husband who is from Buffalo. At the end of last year we both decided it was time to be near family and he received a great job opportunity here, so we made the move! This is my 1st time living anywhere with a “real” Winter, so please send any tips/tricks!
Your gift boxes are what caught my eye- how do you design one and what do you typically have in one?: I love customizing every box for each client and special occasion. I try to get as much information as I can about the recipient to really put some thought into each gift and make it aesthetically pleasing. I like to include fresh flowers, gourmets chocolates, special soaps (I’m a sucker for pretty packaging), candles, a t-shirt/tote bag, fun mugs & glassware and of course any special requests!
How can people get their hands on a gift box to send to someone?: You can order them here: 
Your t-shirts are fun, too! Do you make them or have a printer? Are custom orders available? Thank you! We design and screen print all of the shirts ourselves! I am happy to make custom orders too.

you & your bff need one, duh

Who are some of your favorite local bloggers/shop owners in Buffalo?: and! Before moving here, I spent a lot of time on both sites reading about Buffalo and all it has to offer! Since moving, I still love to follow along on the adventures in and around buffalo. Also, I have recently found another awesome blogger who is fun to follow and has a great page showcasing many of the amazing murals and public artwork in Buffalo!
Your blog covers your clothing style- how would you describe your style and how do you hope to inspire your followers with it?: I would say my style is bright and cheerful! I am drawn to things that are colorful, feminine, fun, and in a perfect world- on sale! I love a flowy maxi dress & sandals but also like to glam it up in a cocktail dress & heels. My goal is to inspire followers to have more fun with fashion, try wearing new colors and even add a little sparkle!
Where do you see Jill Of All Trades going next/next steps for you?: I can’t wait to explore and meet more of Buffalo! I hope to keep spreading joy through my Gift Boxes, T-shirts and the Blog 🙂
We’re gonna say it Jill of All Trades is where you will be getting your next gift. Her customizable gift box is what sold us: we had her create a box to send to someone who helped us with something big (*hint: Chloe) and it was a huge hit. Something different, something fun. That’s what Jill of All Trade is all about.

gift box mini’s!

the custom order Jill did for us- so stinkin’ fun!

Buffalo Spree’s Best of WNY 2017 Party

Last Friday night we partied with the Spree peeps to celebrate the Best of WNY 2017! We were honored to do a social media take-over for Buffalo Spree on their Instagram and highlight some of the winners, food, and party-goers at Hotel Henry. (did ya watch!?)

It was a swanky affair that was packed with Spree staff, sponsors, investors, winners, and Buffalovers. And the best part? At least for us?… We won a Best of WNY award!! 

The Buffalovebirds in person! Beau & Lindsay Riggs

Total shock. Awe. Excitement. We cannot thank our followers enough for thinking of us in the blogging/social realm. This site and our even more popular Instagram page are the places we share our adventures- and hope that we inspire you to check out some new hotspots in and around the city! Keep following along!

Since Lindsay was a little kid, she has been reading Buffalo Spree and she even used to circle events she wanted her parents to take her to. (what a weird child lol) So this was a surreal dream for her. It was, and still is, a fantastic Buffalo go-to for events, cuisine, the arts, and politics. Make sure you have your subscription!

Sharing some moments from Friday night:

the launch of the August edition has everyone checking it out!
Best Juicery: Squeeze
Best Blowout: Mink Salon
gimme all the food, Panorama
some cute cups at Giancarlo’s
Dapper Goose ‘lovebirds’
party food goals
50th BDay cake by Cookie!
oh, we aren’t excited at all!
Congrats, O.G. Wood Fire!!
North Patio action
macarons disappeared within minutes
the Levite Family
Giancarlo’s- a winner!

The Buffalo Bloggers You Need to Know

mk7d-4ucfmg-florian-klauerBlogging continues to be on the up throughout the world- whether it be fashion, food, or lifestyle. There is something exciting about getting a peek in to other people’s lives and stories that connect, teach, and inspire us. Buffalo has a small but mighty pack of bloggers that do just that- and every single one is having a love affair with our city.

We compiled a list of favorites (and even some recently discovered ones, in a random order) of the Buffalo Bloggers YOU need to be following.

Yeah! Buffalo


pic: Yeah! Buffalo insta


People & Places of BUF: The team of Beth & Sam Insalaco head up this Buffalo blog that focuses on the people, places, things, projects, and passions that Buffalonians are doing in and for our city. The blog and Instagram highlight positive and passionate businesses and people that are doing great things in our community.

hashtags: #peoplebuf #placesbuf #thingsbuf (etc. etc…)


Step Out Buffalo

pic: Step Out Buffalo insta

Food & Things To Do: Well, obviously! The go-to social media space to learn all things Buffalo- what’s going on, where to eat, what to do…we were pretty pumped to see this blog start kicking butt a couple years ago. A team of step-outters compile the best of the best for you and make it pretty darn accessible to find out what to do in WNY.

hashtag: #hashtagstepoutbuffalo


 Head over to their blog for all the big details.




pic: BuffaloPhotoBlog insta

Best Pics: Mike Shriver has a Buffalo photo blog with his inspiring work, including cityscapes, aerial shots, urban views, and landscapes. You can purchase shots on his site, too. A West Seneca native, Mike began his journey of photography a few years ago and now documents the city’s daily transformation.


In the Buff Blog

pic: In the Buff instagram

Buffalo Highlights: Our gal pal Taylor Griffith gives you an inside peek in to her life, living space, fashion, and travels on her lifestyle blog. From local love to places abroad, Taylor and her bf Jacob share their adventures and inspirations that ultimately make you want to hang with them on any given day.



Visit Buffalo Niagara

VBN 3c PMS logo

Buffalo Niagara 101: Well, of course! The guide for the locals and the visitors to WNY! VBN has ‘everything Buffalo’ you could possibly want- where to get your chicken wings, beef on weck, pizza- plus architecture and places to shop around WNY. Our favorite is their Facebook videos with Brian Hayden, who goes LIVE! at local places to interview business owners and fun Buffalo things such as Vidler’s, Cave of the Winds, and how sponge candy is made.

hashtag: #TravelBUF


Rise Collaborative

pic: Rise Collaborative instagram

Community Impact: Marketing masters Kevin, Drew, and Bridget began Rise in order to promote small biz, artists, nonprofits, and advocacy groups in Buffalo to highlight those who are making a big impact in WNY. Now with a paper publication, they cultivate culture for the area and recently designed a winter hat with their moniker. Each hat purchased led way to one hat being donated to the International Institute of Buffalo for new immigrant refugees landing in Buffalo. We dig that.

hashtag: #RiseBFLO


In a DC Minute

pic: In a DC Minute blog

Lifestyle Couple: Scott & Al recently moved back to WNY (Medina) from D.C., where they originally began their blog that highlights their dating life, travels, foodie experiences, and everything in between. Their blog gives you a view inside their new chapter here in NY and includes dating tips, their new farm home, and places to stay in Buffalo as a getaway.



Buffalo Dandy

pic:Buffalo Dandy blog

The Gentlemen’s Guide: This one is for the boys. Buffalo Dandy shows you how to be your dapper best- pairing attire, where to buy, private shopping events…Beau appreciates this since he is suited up every day and is an avid man of style himself. The other element that we dig is Dandy’s Instagram which frequently highlights what vinyl and cocktail or beer he is having at any given occasion.



Nickel City Pretty

pic: Nickel City Pretty blog

Fashion Blogger: This one is for the girls. Lindsay (what a great name!) shows us her personal fashion with backdrops of Buffalo scenes to top off the look. From beauty looks, scoring a good deal, and checking out local WNY beauty spots- NCP is a fun follow for those looking to up their style.



Honorary Bloggers:

Buffalo Eats


Now ‘retired’, Buffalo Eats is still a main go-to for anyone looking to get a review on a restaurant in WNY. Dedicated lists help you search by neighborhood when you’re feeling ‘lost’ on where to grab a bite to eat. You can find 1/2 of Buffalo Eats guest blogging for VBN- keeping us in the loop on what to eat! You can still read up on highlighted taste treats on their blog including archived Grain of Salt podcast that features local foodie talent. ***UPDATE- They’re baaaaackkkkk!!!


On Our Radar:

A few other bloggers we are watching that  you should be scoping out, too:

Morning Glory Blog

Freckles, Fashion, & Flaws

Tracing Paper


Buffalo Moms

Buffalo Black Book

Just a Blonde in Buffalo

NKM Styling

Did you know all of these peeps are blogging throughout Buffalo? Now hopefully you have a good list to follow so you are always in-the-know on what is happening throughout WNY. Who is your fav blogger?