Where to Find the Flowers: Our WNY Guide to Nurseries & Greenhouses

Fun fact: I grew up on a horticultural farm. My grandfather, parents, Aunt Jillie, siblings, and Great Aunt grew chrysanthemums by the 1,000s in Wrights Corners, NY for years. The tens of acres at my grandparents’ house was magical, beautiful, and hard work. Besides the mums, we also grew vegetables and sunflowers and my Grandpa took much of his garden to the local Farmer’s Market in Lockport every week. My brother studied landscape architecture and my mother is a retired art teacher. So naturally, this whole gardening thing is of interest to me and I am diving in to everything that has to do with the outside of the house.Beau is, too.

My parent’s home in Newfane, NY was meticulously landscaped and they spent every hour they could once the weather broke until the snow fell outside working on their flower beds. It was so stunning that people would drive down our road very slowly to check out the land and ask my Dad questions about what things were. (lol!) I spent ALOT of time in nurseries and greenhouses as a kid and have started to visit many of them now as an adult and getting my own things.

We have some stunning places in WNY and each nursery and greenhouse has a certain personality. Some are fierce flower joints, others focus on shrubs. Some have hearty plants and several are uniquely their own. This list is our personal guide to places we love that you should definitely be hittin’ up this Spring:

Our Top Greenhouses and Nurseries:

Russell’s Tree & Shrub Farm: The best place for trees, bushes, grasses, and shrubs. You can find small to large sizes for your budget and talk about delivery to your place. Transit Rd., East Amherst

Hi-Way Garden Center: A well-maintained and beautiful greenhouse filled with hearty and colorful perennials and annuals. We love getting our coleus, hens and chicks, and vegetables here. (yes, like the veggies you can grow yourself) Tonawanda Creek Rd., Amherst

Lockwood’s: A new discovery for us now that are Southtowners! This place has some stunning houseplants, beautiful spikes, and really hard-to-find annuals. Clark St., Hamburg

Seasonal Nursery: The place to look in to for landscaping design ideas and beautiful hanging baskets. We like to get spikes, sweet potato vines, and impatients here. Bullis Rd., Elma

Angle Acres Greenhouse: Here’s your hidden gem, guys. Angle Acres has 4 greenhouses filled with houseplants and unique varying sizes of succulents. Best place for a photo shoot. ***CASH ONLY. If you forget it’s okay- there is a gas station nearby with an ATM. Angle Rd., Orchard Park

Our original go-to spots also in Niagara County:

Zehr’s, West Lake Rd., Burt

La Roses, Ridge Rd, Lockport

Heimiller Greenhouses, Ewings Rd., Newfane


Spoth’s, Transit Rd., East Amherst

Badding Brothers, Transit Rd., Amherst

Adam’s Nursery, Genesee St., Lancaster

The Local Bloggers You May Be Missing Out On

Influencers. Bloggers. Storytellers.

The cool thing about our lives right now is that we can share our stories on different social media platforms. Media that speaks to us. Some of us are writing it (yea, we wish we had more time to write), some are visual documentarians (yea, we wish we had better camera skills), and some are mixing both into their platforms to share their lives and experiences (we like to think we’re in that realm).

A few are focused on straight up Buffalo and others have a more broad scope that appeals to the world (will we ever get there?). We’re sharing a short list of those who live among us here in the 716, but may be missing out on since they aren’t necessary screaming ‘Buffalo’ in your face. But they’re sending out gorgeous shots, fun stories, and cool vibes. (*all pics from handles)


Ok, envy! This girl hails from our home county of Niagara and her shots have us in love. Follow her for stunning coffee pics, perfectly placed throws and flowers, destroyed denim, and cute baby shots.


A mix of some blog posts and mainly shots on Insta, this mama has some adorable life stills that document her moments as a photographer and mother.


I mean, her name says it all. Beer. It’s like you step in to a magazine of editorial beer shots on every post. She’s showing you some great international hops along with beautifying the pour itself.


Brandi mixes Insta shots with YouTube videos filled with a makeup lover’s dream. I don’t think there is a lipstick color that looks bad on her…


I actually met Kristina when I was 16- seems like yesterday. A blogger turned social storyteller, follow her for fam life, punny real AF shirts, and inspo on getting off your a** in order to get healthy with her workout coaching.


Stunning plus model Caralyn shares her Buffalo and NYC life via how-tos, stories, and fashion shots. This girl works it and makes us feel beautiful too.


Rachel is a fashion blogger mama who channels through her site and Instagram. Follow her for all of the things we think silently in our heads as we try not to fall asleep at 8pm while attempting to Netflix & chill.


Total photog-inspo. Ryan captures moods through his shots and creates a semi-dreamlike sensation. Follow him for the art of the eye and to see some local familiar faces.


Our go-to pizza guide on Insta. We literally click on pics of pizza that look scrumdiddlyumptious and order it. This is gonna help you on lazy nights where you don’t know where to order.


I pretty much hint beg Beau for one of these rings one day (for a right hand ring). Follow for custom engagement ring ideas and drooling all over your screen. A local handcrafted jeweler designing unique and stunning sparkly things.

Did you know we have some of these incredible Instagrammers? Make sure to follow them! You’re missing out if you don’t.

Colors and Magic at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Aren’t we so lucky to have these incredible museums right here in our backyard? As kids, we are exposed to them through field trips and as adults we get to relive those moments all over again but with fresh eyes and respect.

Beau and I have been Albright-Knox Art Gallery lovers for life. My school did field trips here and I was able to experience my Mother (now a retired Art Teacher) taking her students to it as well. We went as a family a few times and as a ‘big kid’, Beau and I have attended for live music and special exhibits. Now that we have Chloe, it’s a whole new adventure. We took her for her very first Albright experience last weekend and it was more magical than we expected.

AKG had a hands-on exhibit called ‘Art of the Senses’ which included works you could taste, touch, and hear. Great interaction for people of all ages, especially babies! Chloe was looking everywhere and seemed to love the bright art the most. The museum was packed and rightly so- the second exhibit featured the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami which was colorful, mesmerizing, and imaginative. (Think: the Japanese Lisa Frank)

AKG is stroller-friendly (can carefully take stairs, too, but there is a small elevator). There is a cafe inside you can grab lunch at- a sit down so you can enjoy your time. The gift shop is always fun afterward because you will find unique art supplies, books, and decor. You see classic artists such as Picasso, Monet, and Matisse and they even brought back the ever-popular favorite: The Mirrored Room by Lucas Samaras. *bring socks so you can step inside!

We’re pretty cheesy, if you didn’t already know. Every time we had Chloe take some pics, she giggled and posed- clearly she has the cheese, too. Must be in our genes! How can you not want to get a cool shot in the Albright-Knox though??

These exhibits I mentioned have ended their time at AKG, but the museum is constantly curating new exhibits and artists to come. The best place to see what is currently there and arriving soon is on their website: Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Follow their Instagram, too!

This is seriously one of our top fav date places in Buffalo! You can solo, grab a friend, bring the kids and baby, cross generations, or go on a date.

Grab your camera, grab your person…even download their app to play some fun games. We are too lucky not to keep going to AKG again and again, to expose our young selves once again and of course to enlighten the future youth.


Albright-Knox Art Gallery // 2182 Delaware Ave. Buffalo 14216

Tuesday – Sunday 10-5 // First Friday of each month is 10-10

Parking in lot: $5 for guests

Available street parking behind the museum

Family / friends / solo / date night / day date

Buffalo Date: The Darwin Martin House


We are a lucky duo. After a private invitation to come tour the Darwin Martin House this past weekend, we were brought back to center- remembering what a damn cool place Buffalo is. 

World famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed this Prairie Era home for Darwin D. Martin between 1903 and 1905 and it is filled with his art glass windows, overhanging eaves, original Japanese print collections, and the recently restored central fireplace that leaves you breathless. It is a Buffalo staple and definitely should be on your radar for discovering everything incredible that is in your local backyard.

Buffalo is home to one of Wright’s most prominent and distinguished works- and that is something to take advantage of as a WNYer. You HAVE to experience this. Our adventure brought us together with other well-known Buffalo bloggers and influencers- Kevin (and his gal Krista) of Rise Collaborative,  Elizabeth of Buffalo Black Book, Bryan from Visit Buffalo Niagara, Sean and Jackie of Wrafterbuilt, Kevin of @buffalony, Michele of @michelesgoldfarb, Stephanie of @artiswhy, Step Out Buffalo (how did we not run in to you!?), Julia of @juliaguliaaa…a room filled with those who knew each other from their Instagram handles. I have no doubt it was entertaining to watch us all meet! We were led through the house by Executive Director, Mary Roberts, who gave us not only historical knowledge but behind-the-scenes fun facts on the Martin family and Wright himself.

After a 25 year restoration process, the Martin House is complete and it’s perfect timing- June 8th is Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th birthday! To celebrate, the Martin House is hosting 150 hours of parties, lectures, cocktail evenings, and exhibits. On Thursday 6/8, the self-guided tours are $1.50! Did you see that? A DOLLAR FIFTY.

See the events happening now through June 11


the details are even in the lighting- staying true to Wright’s designs

It is incredible seeing this home amidst the Parkside neighborhood. Other local Wright designs can be seen at Graycliff in Derby, NY (the Martin family’s summer home)…the Blue Sky Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery…the once Larkin Administration Building (demolished in 1950…ughhhhh let’s not talk about it)… and the replicated design of the Filling Station (gas station) that lives inside the Pierce Arrow Museum downtown. How lucky are we, people??


pergola model: @juliaguliaaa
So you always wanted to check out the Martin House? No excuses– this is the perfect time to go! Bring the kids, make it a date, go solo, gather friends…step inside an incredible time capsule and immerse yourself in the mind of one of the greatest architects in the world.

Our top picks:

Wednesday 6/7: Cocktails with The Dapper Goose from 4-7pm

Thursday 6/8: Happy BDay, Frank! $1.50 tours 10-3…Flying Bison and music 5:30-8:30pm

Saturday 6/10: Family tours with games & Ted’a Hot Dog truck..also yoga for the kiddos from Parkside Yoga 12-3pm

Sunday 6/11: Party! BW’s BBQ ($10) and music from the Colored Musicians Club (free!)

*there are also events at Graycliff!

japanese print
gold between the brick

fireplace in the receiving room
Hey, guy bird
recently restored fireplace details

Fun Date: Hertel Ave. Poutine & Cream

Ok, guys, you’re gonna like this one. Allen St. Poutine just opened their second location on Hertel and not only do they have the poutine but also debuted Freak Shakes and Creamy Buns. 


I met the head honcho, Marc Adler, at the Hertel location as he was greeting everyone who came in to check the place out. What a nice, down-to-Earth guy! He began the Allen St. Poutine Co. a couple years back and also is the CEO of his own business Why Not Marketing, LLC. He was inspired by the crazy milkshakes he was noticing in big U.S. cities and knew he had to bring them to Buffalo. They also make their 12 flavors of ice cream right there- it is creamy and yummy! He even traveled around the states to taste-test, study, and get inspired by others doing similar creations so he could get it right. Sounds terrible! 🙂

The Creamy Buns are donuts filled with ice cream then pressed in a panini-style grill to warm the donut up. The Freak Shakes are decorative, fun shakes served in glass-handled root beer mugs.

philly cheesesteak poutine
the chocolate mouse freak shake

We really dig this location- Hertel is just bumpin’! And suddenly…it is becoming a very fun ice cream/dessert destination with Lake Effect Ice Cream opening their second location (FINALLY!!!), Lloyd beginning their soft serve next to the taco factory, and now Allen St. Poutine with their shakes and donuts. Don’t forget- you have Blackbird Sweets and Romeo & Juliet’s with all the baked goods you need to satisfy your sugar craving. Good grief, Hertel!! 

So plan out your visit- get some poutine and end it with a shake or creamy bun! Sharing optional.


Hertel Ave. Poutine & Cream // 1488 Hertel Ave. Buffalo , NY 14216 (next to Family Video…you can park in the lot)

716.551.6995 (they can do take out orders! can you say at-home date night?! quick bite?!)

Perfect for: fun and quick dates / family dates / lunch / to-go / dessert!!

pic: poutine & cream

ice cream made right there




Why Is Babylovebird So Happy? 

Babylovebird, Chloe

This chapter is a hard transition. No no, not because it feels overwhelming and nerve-wracking…because it is a massive lifestyle change for both of us. Always on the go has been the norm for many years and suddenly *bam!!*…there is a small human in the mix. But, hey, she is pretty cute so we aren’t complaining. Perhaps we are biased? 

As first time parents, we have been learning (quickly) what our tyke likes and how to utilize it all to make her comfy and happy. They say a baby’s demeanor is half genes, half environment and if that is the case, we know Chloe gets her happy genes from both parents and is surrounded by fun. A lot of people have been asking questions on what we have for Chloe in making sure she is a happy and a well-rested babe, so we thought we would share what we think attributes to her calm and cool nature. Here is our list of favorite baby necessities:


chloe dockatot teal
dock-a-tot // Oliver + Kit swaddle // Chloe
Hands down the best thing we ever bought! It’s a Swedish-design made for babies to sleep in and feel comfy like they are in the womb. We love that it is portable and lightweight. Chloe sleeps in this anywhere we put her- living room floor, kitchen island, bedroom, visiting her grandparents…If anything, get this for your little one- we swear by it!


Muslin Swaddles

Chloe with Little Unicorn Bison swaddle

We blame Instagram for showing us so many damn cute baby things! Two of our favorite swaddle designers are Little Unicorn and Oliver + Kit…both have beautiful, colorful, fun swaddles that we (ok, me…) couldn’t stop ordering. They’re soft, stretchy, and fun to look at. Chloe sleeps best when swaddled (very snug, with arms lowered). She naps like a champ in between feedings and has been sleeping a solid 5-6 hours each night since she was 6.5 weeks old. We’ve tested her without swaddling…and all we get is a break-dancer who is trying to beat the Guinness Book of talking the most.


Honest Diapers

honest diapers
you can pick the patterns you want each month, too

Honest has adorable prints on their diapers- and who doesn’t want cute undies? For Chloe, they have been working great (even with a few blowouts) and fit her well. Her size was sold out almost every time we hit up stores, so we opted in to their monthly diaper & wipe bundle online and get it all delivered to our door. Easy!


Fawn Design

Determined to be a #CoolMom, I went in to the search for a baby bag early on. I kept coming back to Fawn Design’s backpack/crossbody bag which is made of faux leather- super easy to clean and holds everything Chloe needs. I think the best part of it is we can use it as a backpack- it has made it easier to carry the babe around and get in the car.




This tech-y chair has several settings that put Chloe right to sleep. It’s quiet, lightweight, and you can hook up your phone to it to play your own music or white noise. So when we need to clean up in the kitchen or put away laundry, we buckle her in to get some free time in. Works best for us after a car ride- when she is hardcore passed out- and we get her in it to stretch out a longer nap.


Dr. Brown’s


The very first bottles we purchased to try out were Dr. Brown’s and there’s no looking back. The Options system has been working like a charm with it’s reduced-reflux vent system; and we liked that the starter box gave us small bottles for when she is little and large for when she increases her formula.


Bose Speakers


The Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker sits in Chloe’s room so when we feed her at night time, we can make sure soothing music pumps through to keep her relaxed. Use your phone to open Spotify and link it to the speaker. As an Ethnomusicologist and World Music instructor, Chloe gets some interesting music to zone out to! Some Native American flute gets her to fall asleep quickly after she eats!


Skip Hop Travel Changing Pad


The best thing about keeping the travel pad around is you can move it anywhere you need within seconds. Chloe is up on a table with the Skip Hop Pronto pad so we aren’t going upstairs every time we need to change her. Leaving the house? *zip zip* Pack the pad with you and throw in your bag. Quite useful for car trunk changes on the fly! 
What works for you and your babe?

Chloe & mommy Lindsay