Baby Must-Haves: Babylovebird’s Top Ten

Raise your hand if you are totally overwhelmed with how many baby ‘things’ there are out in the world.

Yep, us too.

So that’s why we have compiled a list of Babylovebird’s fav baby things in life….so far. This is our ultimate top ten of what Chloe uses and loves the most- and we swear by all of it. *ages birth to one year

1. Dock a Tot

Chloe, a few days old

Oh it is worth EVERY PENNY. It’s portable, lightweight, and feels like the womb for babies. We have used it for Chloe’s naps and have taken it for overnight travel stays (you can buy a travel case for it). We have used it since she was a newborn and praise it every chance we get. It’s perfect for newborns until they grow out of it. You can buy a second larger size if you want!

2. Binxy Baby

Chloe, shopping of course

The baby shopping hammock! So many comments and questions when Chloe is out and about in the Target aisles. Instead of lugging a huge, heavy, awkward car seat- pop this hammock on to any shopping cart and voila! Chillin’ baby. Easy for you, comfy for baby, and room for groceries. Rolls up for keeping in the car!

3. Muslin Swaddles: Little Unicorn, Oliver+Kit, Mint Berry Market

These three brands have been our favorite. They’re soft and easy to swaddle babies in. Perfect for napping, hanging out on the floor, and cool crisp days. Doesn’t hurt their prints and colors are adorbs. We learned how to swaddle Chloe on YouTube! *you can find Little Unicorn at Research + Design and Sunshine & Bluebirds…Mint Berry is a Buffalo local Mom! Her stuff is online and inside Village Designs!

4. Bink clip holder

Any brand. Doesn’t matter. Get them all. No more binks on the ground or falling out of Chloe’s hands. You’re welcome. See the green strap? Clipped to her with bink tied on. *find some at Buy Buy Baby it on Etsy like this: bink clips

5. Fisher Price Kick ‘n Play Piano Mat

Entertainment! Whew. You’ll find yourself humming the songs it plays but it’s worth having some sort of musical, tangible play mat.

6. Graco Jogger

This one is all Beau. He runs with Chloe to train for his triathlons and it’s been pretty easy to steer and control. Easy to fold down and has decent space underneath for baby gear and bags.

7. Bandana bibs

Get the style anywhere. Not only do they catch all the drool but they look a little bit cooler. We like the muslin ones because they absorb more. Chloe has a ton of them from all sorts of different places like Little Unicorn, Etsy shops, and Target.

8. Ergobaby

The Holy Grail. Another somewhat pricey must-have but also very worth it. Beau carries Chloe wherever we go and it makes it so easy to keep free hands and to not lug a huge stroller around in small areas. Very helpful for festival-going and running errands.

9. Land of Nod Activity Chair

Once Chloe could sit up a little bit, we started integrating the chair. She gets a kick out of sitting in it and playing with the soft features on the ‘tray’. Keeps her occupied longer! Also very portable.

10. 4Moms Highchair

We liked this chair because it was simple and has a magnetized tray. Helpful that it matched our kitchen- so if you’re all about the mono look, too- there ya go. It’s been very easy to clean and the tray comes off a lot easier than most we tried.

As Chloe gets bigger, she obviously will need and want different things to keep her entertained! This is a shortlist that we encourage you to try out. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts about Chloe’s must-haves!

Why Is Babylovebird So Happy? 

Babylovebird, Chloe

This chapter is a hard transition. No no, not because it feels overwhelming and nerve-wracking…because it is a massive lifestyle change for both of us. Always on the go has been the norm for many years and suddenly *bam!!*…there is a small human in the mix. But, hey, she is pretty cute so we aren’t complaining. Perhaps we are biased? 

As first time parents, we have been learning (quickly) what our tyke likes and how to utilize it all to make her comfy and happy. They say a baby’s demeanor is half genes, half environment and if that is the case, we know Chloe gets her happy genes from both parents and is surrounded by fun. A lot of people have been asking questions on what we have for Chloe in making sure she is a happy and a well-rested babe, so we thought we would share what we think attributes to her calm and cool nature. Here is our list of favorite baby necessities:


chloe dockatot teal
dock-a-tot // Oliver + Kit swaddle // Chloe
Hands down the best thing we ever bought! It’s a Swedish-design made for babies to sleep in and feel comfy like they are in the womb. We love that it is portable and lightweight. Chloe sleeps in this anywhere we put her- living room floor, kitchen island, bedroom, visiting her grandparents…If anything, get this for your little one- we swear by it!


Muslin Swaddles

Chloe with Little Unicorn Bison swaddle

We blame Instagram for showing us so many damn cute baby things! Two of our favorite swaddle designers are Little Unicorn and Oliver + Kit…both have beautiful, colorful, fun swaddles that we (ok, me…) couldn’t stop ordering. They’re soft, stretchy, and fun to look at. Chloe sleeps best when swaddled (very snug, with arms lowered). She naps like a champ in between feedings and has been sleeping a solid 5-6 hours each night since she was 6.5 weeks old. We’ve tested her without swaddling…and all we get is a break-dancer who is trying to beat the Guinness Book of talking the most.


Honest Diapers

honest diapers
you can pick the patterns you want each month, too

Honest has adorable prints on their diapers- and who doesn’t want cute undies? For Chloe, they have been working great (even with a few blowouts) and fit her well. Her size was sold out almost every time we hit up stores, so we opted in to their monthly diaper & wipe bundle online and get it all delivered to our door. Easy!


Fawn Design

Determined to be a #CoolMom, I went in to the search for a baby bag early on. I kept coming back to Fawn Design’s backpack/crossbody bag which is made of faux leather- super easy to clean and holds everything Chloe needs. I think the best part of it is we can use it as a backpack- it has made it easier to carry the babe around and get in the car.




This tech-y chair has several settings that put Chloe right to sleep. It’s quiet, lightweight, and you can hook up your phone to it to play your own music or white noise. So when we need to clean up in the kitchen or put away laundry, we buckle her in to get some free time in. Works best for us after a car ride- when she is hardcore passed out- and we get her in it to stretch out a longer nap.


Dr. Brown’s


The very first bottles we purchased to try out were Dr. Brown’s and there’s no looking back. The Options system has been working like a charm with it’s reduced-reflux vent system; and we liked that the starter box gave us small bottles for when she is little and large for when she increases her formula.


Bose Speakers


The Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker sits in Chloe’s room so when we feed her at night time, we can make sure soothing music pumps through to keep her relaxed. Use your phone to open Spotify and link it to the speaker. As an Ethnomusicologist and World Music instructor, Chloe gets some interesting music to zone out to! Some Native American flute gets her to fall asleep quickly after she eats!


Skip Hop Travel Changing Pad


The best thing about keeping the travel pad around is you can move it anywhere you need within seconds. Chloe is up on a table with the Skip Hop Pronto pad so we aren’t going upstairs every time we need to change her. Leaving the house? *zip zip* Pack the pad with you and throw in your bag. Quite useful for car trunk changes on the fly! 
What works for you and your babe?

Chloe & mommy Lindsay