Fun Date: Hertel Ave. Poutine & Cream

Ok, guys, you’re gonna like this one. Allen St. Poutine just opened their second location on Hertel and not only do they have the poutine but also debuted Freak Shakes and Creamy Buns. 


I met the head honcho, Marc Adler, at the Hertel location as he was greeting everyone who came in to check the place out. What a nice, down-to-Earth guy! He began the Allen St. Poutine Co. a couple years back and also is the CEO of his own business Why Not Marketing, LLC. He was inspired by the crazy milkshakes he was noticing in big U.S. cities and knew he had to bring them to Buffalo. They also make their 12 flavors of ice cream right there- it is creamy and yummy! He even traveled around the states to taste-test, study, and get inspired by others doing similar creations so he could get it right. Sounds terrible! 🙂

The Creamy Buns are donuts filled with ice cream then pressed in a panini-style grill to warm the donut up. The Freak Shakes are decorative, fun shakes served in glass-handled root beer mugs.

philly cheesesteak poutine
the chocolate mouse freak shake

We really dig this location- Hertel is just bumpin’! And suddenly…it is becoming a very fun ice cream/dessert destination with Lake Effect Ice Cream opening their second location (FINALLY!!!), Lloyd beginning their soft serve next to the taco factory, and now Allen St. Poutine with their shakes and donuts. Don’t forget- you have Blackbird Sweets and Romeo & Juliet’s with all the baked goods you need to satisfy your sugar craving. Good grief, Hertel!! 

So plan out your visit- get some poutine and end it with a shake or creamy bun! Sharing optional.


Hertel Ave. Poutine & Cream // 1488 Hertel Ave. Buffalo , NY 14216 (next to Family Video…you can park in the lot)

716.551.6995 (they can do take out orders! can you say at-home date night?! quick bite?!)

Perfect for: fun and quick dates / family dates / lunch / to-go / dessert!!

pic: poutine & cream

ice cream made right there




Billybar & Sweet Jenny’s- A Williamsville Date Night


For girl bird’s birthday, she decided to head to the Northtowns for dinner- a happy medium for her parents driving from Niagara County and us in downtown Buffalo. Always wanting to try somwhere new, she declared we would eat at Billybar, located on Main St. in Williamsville.

We knew we would hit up Billybar eventually, due to spotting the word ‘TACOS’ on their menu. Arriving around 5:30 on a Wednesday, the bar was half-filled with locals who were laughing and chatting over a couple drinks. The sun poured in to the windows and we were greeted by a peppy waitress/bartender who put in an order of oysters for us. The hybrid cuisine here is a Tex-Mex Oyster Bar.

These didn’t last long!

The place began filling up with people of all ages and before we knew it, the music was up and the evening was taking off.

We ordered the Buffalo guac- complete with bleu cheese and bacon:

And girl birds’ fav: a cheese board:

 We haven’t had too many places offer up a good Cuban in Buffalo, but this one at Billybar is high in the ranks:

(We may have forgotten to snap a couple pics of our tacos, due to laughing and gossiping.)

The atmosphere here felt more like downtown than Williamsville- and that’s not a bad thing. What makes an evening on this corner of Main & E. Spring even better is that Sweet Jenny’s has a location in the old Williamsville water mill down behind Billybar. Within a 2 minute walk, you arrive at the perfect evening destination: ice cream.

Often loving on their other Main St. location at the corner of Harlem, we had no clue they had snagged this spot as well so we were giddy beyond normal. Stepping inside, we found ourselves in an old-fashioned like candy store. Jars filled with candy dots, chocolate covered pretzel rods, chocolate truffles…it has everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth or pick up a treat for a birthday. Their homemade ice cream was wonderful- our personal favorite being the Salted Caramel Truffle.

Behind the mill is Glen Falls and Glen Park, a perfect scene to stroll along while listening to the falls and watching the ducks hang out.

 Having been at the park before, we found ourselves enjoying the fact that now we could turn this whole area in to a date evening- or even spending time with family.


Billybar 5590 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221 716.634.2572
outdoor patio // bar // oyster bar

Sweet Jenny’s E. Spring St., old water mill

ice cream //  candy // near Glen Park and the falls


Day date; family; double date; quick date