Billybar & Sweet Jenny’s- A Williamsville Date Night


For girl bird’s birthday, she decided to head to the Northtowns for dinner- a happy medium for her parents driving from Niagara County and us in downtown Buffalo. Always wanting to try somwhere new, she declared we would eat at Billybar, located on Main St. in Williamsville.

We knew we would hit up Billybar eventually, due to spotting the word ‘TACOS’ on their menu. Arriving around 5:30 on a Wednesday, the bar was half-filled with locals who were laughing and chatting over a couple drinks. The sun poured in to the windows and we were greeted by a peppy waitress/bartender who put in an order of oysters for us. The hybrid cuisine here is a Tex-Mex Oyster Bar.

These didn’t last long!

The place began filling up with people of all ages and before we knew it, the music was up and the evening was taking off.

We ordered the Buffalo guac- complete with bleu cheese and bacon:

And girl birds’ fav: a cheese board:

 We haven’t had too many places offer up a good Cuban in Buffalo, but this one at Billybar is high in the ranks:

(We may have forgotten to snap a couple pics of our tacos, due to laughing and gossiping.)

The atmosphere here felt more like downtown than Williamsville- and that’s not a bad thing. What makes an evening on this corner of Main & E. Spring even better is that Sweet Jenny’s has a location in the old Williamsville water mill down behind Billybar. Within a 2 minute walk, you arrive at the perfect evening destination: ice cream.

Often loving on their other Main St. location at the corner of Harlem, we had no clue they had snagged this spot as well so we were giddy beyond normal. Stepping inside, we found ourselves in an old-fashioned like candy store. Jars filled with candy dots, chocolate covered pretzel rods, chocolate truffles…it has everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth or pick up a treat for a birthday. Their homemade ice cream was wonderful- our personal favorite being the Salted Caramel Truffle.

Behind the mill is Glen Falls and Glen Park, a perfect scene to stroll along while listening to the falls and watching the ducks hang out.

 Having been at the park before, we found ourselves enjoying the fact that now we could turn this whole area in to a date evening- or even spending time with family.


Billybar 5590 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221 716.634.2572
outdoor patio // bar // oyster bar

Sweet Jenny’s E. Spring St., old water mill

ice cream //  candy // near Glen Park and the falls


Day date; family; double date; quick date


Breakfast/Brunch Date: Break ‘n Eggs

Sauteed apples, brie, & candied walnuts crepe (a lovebird favorite!) With breakfast potatoes & fruit
Sauteed apples, brie, & candied walnuts crepe (a lovebird favorite!) With breakfast potatoes & fruit

WNYers love their brunch time! Gathering with friends, enjoying the sunshine, meeting with family, maybe nursing a rough night…in any scenario, it involves two important things Buffalonians love: company & food. Breakfasts & brunches do not have to necessarily happen only on the weekend, either. We found the perfect weekday brunch spot in Williamsville- and it just happens to be a local creperie.


Break ‘n Eggs Creperie

5235 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221 (near Tony Walker Center & the 290)

(716) 634-3447

Tuesday- Saturday 7am-3pm (closed Monday)

search facebook: Break n Eggs

What is the story with the crepe? Coming from the pancake family, a crepe is made from thin batter (buckwheat flour, milk, eggs) which is spread on to a pan surface in a circular shape. You can fill it with practically anything you want- meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, dessert-like fillings…it can be served at breakfast or as a sweet dessert. Beginning in France and now all over the world, the crepe even has its own national day: February 2 (Candlemas). It is said on this day- if you toss your crepe up from its pan and you catch it in your right hand while holding a gold coin in your left, you will become a rich man later that year. I foresee this attempt happening in the kitchen soon…

inside the creperie
inside the creperie

Break ‘n Eggs is locally owned & operated by Bob & Annie Sweeney, which opened last fall. We love it here so much that we visit almost every week! Having gone at various times, the place is often packed- which is wonderful to see for a hometown spot. But don’t let that scare you away- we have always been seated in a timely manner and served immediately. The cool thing here? The crepes. Of course! You can build your own, order sweet & savory kinds, benedict creations…or perhaps you feel like french toast, omelettes, or pancakes? The plates are made-to-order and you can watch Chef Bob Sweeney himself making them with his team in the open half-moon kitchen.

You can credit his French-Canadian wife, Annie, for the crepe recipes which came from her father. It is a great blend of ‘Northtowns- Paris’! We especially enjoy the speakers lightly playing Pink Martini and Gotan Project to give you a global, Parisian feel! The service is wonderful, all of the girls are nice as can be, & the crepes give you a break away from the norm. Go and feel a little Frenchy.


banana pancakes
banana pancakes

**Parking is available in the front of the creperie and behind the building. Gluten-free options & special orders to accommodate everyone.