Who Are The Buffalovebirds?

Beau & Lindsay

Hi, Buffalovers!

We started our social blog as a way to explain and show friends & family outside of downtown Buffalo exactly what the city was going through. In 2012, we were the first tenants at the Hotel Lafayette and have been able to experience the rebirth of Buffalo right outside our door.

Follow us on our adventures as we share some of our favorite places and things to do around the city- and beyond!

xo- Beau & Lindsay

Want some fun facts?:

1. We lived at the best downtown building for 5.5 years: The Hotel Lafayette

2. Both of us hail from Niagara County

3. One of us lived in California and the other in Australia

4. Combined, we tally up to be: a chef, a multi-talented musician, a financial associate, an educator, a writer, a researcher, a D1 swimmer, an ethnomusicologist, bi-lingual, volunteers, travelers & hopeless romantics.

5. Often, you will catch us dancing or singing at any given moment. In public. 

6. We just added a Babylovebird named Chloe to our mix in March 2017!

7. Our social platform is a Buffalo Spree 2017 Best of WNY Winner! Best Blogger

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi

    Congratulations on the future addition to
    Your family.
    I wonder if you know any catering companies. I have a mom turning 95, hubby 70 and twins 40. So I thought I’d have a. Irthdsy brunch st my daughter’s house in East Aurora. Thanks. Mary Grace Frank

    1. Hi Mary! Have you looked in to Private Knives in Lancaster? Or Mikey Dee’s in East Aurora? We have had both and they were great!

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